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Too Much SEO Will Kill Your Blog - Black Hat SEO|Keyword Hijacking

too much SEO - black hat SEO practice
Are you looking for some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and tricks? Don't read this post if you want your blog to die a natural death!

Warning: Too much SEO will kill your blog! - The dangers of black hat SEO.

It has been a proven fact that too much of anything is dangerous. If you eat too much, there's a danger of obesity or high blood pressure. Queen was indeed right as their song conveyed - "Too Much Love Will Kill You". Too much intake of alcoholic beverage is hazardous to health. Too much online gaming is dangerous to your studies (if you are a student). Finally, in bloggers' point of view - Too much search engine optimization will somehow ruin and eventually kill your blog.

What are those SEO practices that are deemed dangerous?(Black Hat SEO)
  1. Keyword hacking(hijacking) to the extreme level. Keyword hacking(hijacking) has helped this blog grow but i did not hack too many keywords that will make my blog to be indexed by Google as p*rnographic blog. is an example. Sel explained the negative effect of keyword hacking/hijacking which resulted for the downtime of his blog. Keyword hacking hijacking is a black hat SEO practice and will not bring good things for your blog in the future. This SEO technique is indeed a blog killer.
  2. Spamming keywords. There are blogs who are abusive in incorporating keywords in their blog posts. In fact there are blogs that are designed just full of keywords but no good content. The bloggers behind those blogs just put the keyword in a particular post but not in paragraph form or in good sentence structure.
  3. Buying Backlinks. Aside from being a pocket killer, this technique is not that good. There are a lot of websites which sell links for a certain amount so that you can have the backlinks for a month, three months or even a year if you have the money. What if your pocket screams for emptiness? The backlinks will naturally die and your ranking in SERP will also go down.
  4. Too much blog monetization. Example of too much blog monetization is too much selling of links. If caught by Google, your blog's pagerank is also in danger likewise your powerful keywords that been indexed by Google and on the top list in SERP will naturally gone. This has happened to John Chow when he was removed by Google in SERP for the keyword Make Money Online. What's more hurting to his part is that even with his name, John Chow, his blog was not indexed by Google, if indexed, on the 2nd or 3rd page in the SERP.(But John Chow was able to fix the problem with Google).
If you want your blog to live forever, be natural. Do your keyword research and keyword hacking(keyword hijacking) practice sparingly. Let Google know that you are building backlinks naturally. Don't push beyond the limit. Yes! Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is flexible but don't go beyond its elastic limit. Too much keyword hijacking sucks!

If you have something to add about dangerous SEO practices or black hat SEO, please do help other bloggers by sharing them here through my comment box.

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Too Much SEO Will Kill Your Blog


  1. I agree bro, everything should be done naturally.

  2. Too much link building for a new website is not a good practice, especially now that Google already made changes with their algorithm.

  3. Thanks man.This is very helpfull and an awakening,to much task,we tend to forget some complication that may affect what we've work hard for...

  4. Some SEO techniques can have an adverse effect on an SEO campaign. Some methods may work against other techniques and this can be disastrous.

  5. Yup that's really true!. My quest to learn SEO was a trial and error method.

  6. I've come across several blogs that uses keyword hijacking technique, thinking that they'll rank higher with some keywords. They'll probably rank, but as soon as Google finds out, bye bye ranking.

    seo philippines


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