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Mafa TD Queen Cheats

Mafa TD Queen cheats are listed here. But there's a limitation when you can use them. Just use these cheats for fun and for exploring different Mafa TD Queen maps in order to unravel the secrets in winning the game.

Mafa TD Queen

Hello tower defense games fanatics! Do you love playing Mafa TD Queen? I bet you get addicted with this TD game. How many attempts you have tried so far to complete the game by solo mode or team mode? If you already reach at least 20 attempts and still failed after all, maybe at this point time you are tempted in using Mafa TD Queen cheats.

Are there really cheats in Mafa TD Queen? The answer is YES. There are cheats for the old version of Mafa TD Queen but for the map that i love playing - Mafa TD Queen 4.5c (C+UH), i never used cheats to complete the game.

Actually you can cheat in Mafa TD Queen or other custom games in Warcraft III if you opt to play in Single Player game. The following cheats could be useful if you want to explore the game and eventually discover some secrets embedded in the game.
(Note: Press ENTER before entering the cheats)
  • greedisgood = will give you 500 golds and 500 lumbers
  • greedisgood 999999 = give you up to 1,000,000 golds and lumbers
  • -reveal = reveal the whole map (you can use this one even in multiplayer if you are playing as RED)
I guess the cheats i've mentioned above are just enough in order for you to explore the game further. 

Why use Mafa TD Queen Cheats?

I am also asking the same question to myself. The answer is - JFF - "Just For Fun!"
For those who have known the cheats in LAN game or multiplayer mode, they use cheats to take advantage over other players.

To be honest, i have already unearthed the exact strategy and some secrets in Mafa TD Queen 4.5c (C+UH) but the higher version like Mafa TD Queen 5.11 and Mafa TD Queen 5.12 Final, those are still my assignments to discover the secret and strategy behind those maps.

If you are playing Mafa TD Queen 4.5c maybe the following posts can help you:
Have you found or known other Mafa TD Queen cheats? Please share them here using the comment box. Thanks in advance!

Here's a Youtube video about Mafa TD Queen Strategy Solo (ULTRAHARD mode). Don't forget to subscribe on my channel!
Check it here >>>> Mafa TD Queen Solo Strategy (ULTRAHARD)

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