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Google Pagerank - My Page rank Prediction


xt Pagerank (PR) update
is just less than a week i guess and along with this update i will play as Madam Auring or Nostradamos as i'm making a wild prediction for my blog's Page Rank. My prediction is based on the backlinks that i saw on my blog. Nobody doesn't know the exact algorithm Google is using in determining the PR of a particular blog or website. But as far i my research is concerned regarding Google Pagerank and how to increase Google Pagerank, i have formulated some hypotheses that i will not reveal as of this time. If proven, those hypotheses regarding Google PR will eventually become a theory - "Scolex' Theory on Google Pagerank". I also made some raw calculation based on Pagerank Backlink Table.

As i revealed on my Pagerank story, this blog has PR1 for the last two updates. On April 2010, Pagerank update, i thought this blog will get PR2 but i was wrong - Scolex Portal is still on PR 1.

On July 2010 Page rank update (PR update), Scolex Portal would have a Pagerank of 4. If this prediction is wrong maybe i should reject those hypotheses that i have regarding PR. I will do more research about Pagerank so that i can make my own Pagerank calculator.

PR 4 is a giant leap for this gaming blog. If that prediction will become a reality, then a lot of changes will be happening in Scolex Portal.

Watch for more story and tips about Google Pagerank and how to increase Google Pagerank.

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  1. If ever you can have a Pagerank 4 for your blog in the next update, do you consider buying a domain name for your blog?

  2. wow great to know that you have a pr4 now..:)

  3. lol, sorry i misunderstood it because of lack of sleep..:))

  4. that's ok bro. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. i do also wish that your wish will come true. Getting a PR4 for a newly established blog is a great reward.

    But your prediction that the update will be on the first week of June had not happened.

    Maybe the next Google pagerank update will fall sometime in the last week of July or on the 1st week of August.

  6. is there any way in which we can calculate our own pagerank? If you have some Google pagerank calculator that would somehow do a rough estimate for our blog's Pagerank please share it to me.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Muy buen blog!
    Te invito a visitar el mío!
    o si queres comprar juguetes LEGO te esperamos en
    Avisame si te interesa intercambiar links! mi blog es pagerank 3!
    Muchas gracias!

  8. This is great I can say that chasing around high PageRank could actually lead to losing value in other areas of your website. PageRank does not consider site age, backlinks, nor does it care about content. These are all important components of your SEO campaign. Anyway, thanks and I definitely visit this blogs more often.

  9. prediction is always curiosity for webmasters

  10. @zaaylo

    I agree with you. As a blogger or website owner knows the value of Pagerank, he/she will become curious how to increase pagerank and at the same time excited for every pagerank update.


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