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Mafa TD Queen Solo game strategy

version: Mafa TD Queen v45.c(C+UH)Difficulty Level: Extra Hard

(Note: If you find this strategy helpful please comeback here, and leave comments about how the strat had helped you improved your game plan in playing solo the Mafa TD Queen.)

After so many attempts, i've finally finished Mafa TD Queen v4.5c(C+UH) by solo game. I've played it with other players through GG client but we always failed to complete the game.

Here, i would like to share my strategy in playing Mafa TD queen solo mode. (No Cheats, purely Strategy!!!)
By the way, i've completed the Hard Mode and also the Extra Hard with only 1 leak. I've tried the Ultra Hard but i failed!

Here's the strategy: (this is for Extra Hard Mode of Mafa TD Queen in solo game)

Mafa TD Queen Solo Strategy: Beginning Strat
1. Be sure you are occupying the RED slot so that you can type the command -reveal to see the whole map while playing.
2. Start with the Technology Center, then Lightning Tower. After the lightning tower, upgrade the Technology Center to Level 2.

Mafa TD Queen strategy
3. Blink to the right portion of the map then build Ice Tower and Poison Tower. Upgrade the Poison Tower to Level 3 so that you can kill the creeps passing in that area. Add one more Poison Tower Level 1.

Mafa TD Queen Strategy

4. Blink to the left area. Then build Ice Tower and Poison Tower Level 1.
(Note: Before the creeps start spawning from different areas, steps 1 to 4 must be completed. You should be fast.)

Mafa TD Queen Strategy
5. Go back to the center then build two Cutter Towers positioned opposite with each other and two Cannon Towers.
6. If money is enough, upgrade Cutter Tower to Level 2 before the creeps reach the middle.
7. Upgrade the Cannon Tower to level 3 and Ice Tower at the left portion of the middle area. (If you have these towers in Level 1 creeps, you are safe for any leak)

8. Before the level 1 ended, you should have upgraded your Lightning Tower to Level 2 and Technology Center to Level 3. This is in preparation for Gold Towers so that you can bank earlier.
9. At level 2 creeps, you should have Mini HSBC(Bank) and 1 Lvl3 Poison tower at the right side of the spawning area.
10. To be sure that no air creeps can pass through your middle defense, add 3 more Lightning Towers at Level 1 only.

11. At Level 3 creeps, see the illustration what i've built. (Mini HSBC at both sides and at least 1 poison tower level3 at both sides and some more poison towers ready for the next upgrade).

Mafa TD Queen Strategy

Mafa TD Queen Strategy
12. This time, you should have Cutter Tower Level 5 (Yurnero) and additional ice towers (two on both sides).

Mafa TD Queen Strategy

Mafa TD Queen Solo Strategy: Killing Bosses at Level 4
13. Before the Level 4 starts, be sure to build some ice towers at the upper right of the spawning point. (Purpose: to slow down the creeps on the right so that they will not reach the middle at
the same time giving your middle towers easier task to kill the creeps passing).

Mafa TD Queen Strategy
14. At the start of the Level 4, you should have Cutter Tower Level 6 (Rexar). On your right side two Level3 Poison Tower and Mini HSBC, at your left 1 Level3 Poison Tower and 1 Mini HSBC. As you get money from kills and through your bank, upgrade 1 poison tower on the left side to level 3. This will reduce the number of creeps reaching the mid area so that you have better chances to kill the BOSS.
15. At this level, you save money so that you can upgrade your other cutter tower on the middle up to yurnero or even rexar. I've forgot in my game to upgrade some lightning tower to level 3 so there is one leak (1 BOSS).

Mafa TD Queen Strategy
16. Before Level 5, i've added 1 Ice Tower on the left side. Also upgrade the Cannon Tower to Level5 and Ice Tower to Level4.
Mafa TD Queen Strategy

Mafa TD Queen Solo Strategy: Making Money Strategy
17. Save your money for bank mode. At the start of level 7, i already have 5 HSBC.
18. As i gained money from kills and thru the banks, i have upgraded all my Poison towers to HSBC. So i have a total of 10 HSBC's.
19. To add a stronger def, i upgraded my Cutter Tower to Level 7 and my Lightning Tower to level 6.
20. See what i've got in Level 9, i already have Noob Furions for more money.
21. Reminder: Level 9 air units are tougher, so make sure you also upgraded your lightning towers up to level 7.

The Key Strategy to finish Mafa TD Queen by solo game:
1. Have good combination of towers both for land and air units.
2. Proper banking (Noob Furions)
3. Do not place your killer towers near your banks for this will reduce your income thru your Noob Furions. (this is the common mistakes of noob players)
4. Reminder: At level 11 you should have NagaSummonMaiden and Fujiko in preparation of the invisible units at Level 12.
5. Before level 12, you should have Elflame Keep (built through NagaSummonMaiden) at the center and near your banks so that you can see invisible units.
6. At Level 12, you should have Volcano to prevent both the land and air units.
7. Make use of the stunning capability of your NagaSummonMaiden. Stun the creeps near your banks.
8. Note: The hardest among the Levels is level 30. (Fast moving creeps and immune to cold). See how i finished them(download here).
9. To be honest, i prefer to play Mafa TD Queen in solo game than playing it with other players who do not know the strategy or shall i say selfish players.

For the complete info how i finished the Mafa TD Queen by solo game, please download the replay here...(Download link here).

If this strategy is helpful or if you have other strat in playing the game, you can leave your comment here.

I'll be posting the strat here in playing mafa TD queen in Team Mode. See Yaahh!!!

Here's a Youtube video about this strategy. Don't forget to subscribe on my channel!
Check it here >>>> Mafa TD Queen Solo Strategy (ULTRAHARD)

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Download the map here:
Mafa TD Queen maps

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  1. Hey dude, the map used for your replay has this ~1 thing on it. I can't watch it even if I rename my map. Maybe post up a link of the map too.


  2. finally i finished mafa TD solo... thanks for the tips...


  3. how to increase food resource to make lich queen in the end

  4. use your food to buy fujiko, & naga summon maiden.
    Have at least 6 foods left so that you can summon lich queen.
    For my strat: i buy 2 fujiko, 1 naga summon maiden, then lich queen.

  5. man can i post the map that you used to play in the replay cuz i cant find map that suits to your replay

  6. impressive,but i do have several q....
    1) y dun make all hsbcs at left side?with 2 nagas and hero stun will be useful...
    2) could u gv a strategy how to win the mafa map without hero?....what is the late game tower?
    3) how long does u consume in the map?

  7. if you play mafa without a hero, it is impossible to win the game because you cannot maximize the full potential of the towers. You powerful tower would be rain of chaos only but it cannot sustain for the late game.

  8. try to summon the pussycat doll.. it can summon the war queen... it can also build hell queen tower, greed queen tower and lich queen tower.. their are the ultimate towers!! ^^.

  9. @chefie

    you need hero to unlock late game tower.. (^_^)

    hero=ultimate vengeance(lot's of this can finish the game even without the other tower)
    =phoenix(from volcano)
    =raon of terror(frm rain of chaos)
    =razor look-alike tower(i forgot the name hehe)(from red alert)


  11. there are three shops somewhere in the middle of the map. The middle shop is where you can buy pussycat dolls for 10,000.

  12. ive finish mafa td queen 4.5c c+uh, ur build is like my build, also i often win with other player

  13. ive also finish it with no leak in hard mode

  14. ive already done all this mafa take note all of the mafa game ive finish it and i accomplish all of them in 1 year of my habit exp. i really love mafa beside dota... e mail me at my ymail

  15. how can i make gaia tower?

  16. how to build brilliant goddess? and pussy cat dolls?

  17. does anyone know how to summon the warqueen? cuz she costs 9 food. and you need a valid patron to buy pussycat and the lowest cost for a guy with inventory is 2 food and max food is 10

  18. if you are using the map Mafa TD Queen v4.5c(C+UH), the first thing to do is summon the special builder in Shop #6(orange) located in the middle of the map. The special builder cost 10,000 gold and 5 lumbers. Use him to build Gate of Tralala.
    Never use your food in buying other builder. The only builder you will use is the special builder from Shop # 6.
    The builder can build the following:
    *Elflame Keep - reveals invisible units
    *Gate of Tralala - To summon warqueen or Brilliant of Goddess
    *Gaia Tower - for some Aura
    *Boss Trapper(target)
    *Boss Trapper(range)

    Warqueen is advisable to use in team play. Playing solo and aiming to summon Warqueen is difficult to achieve.

    I will try the exact strategy in solo game using Warqueen as the hero.

  19. can you please post an video using the brilliant goddess sir..i will really really appreciate it.thank you.

  20. i wanna try this. i think this is very effective. :) i thought it is impossible to finish mafa TD without companions. haha!

  21. @Jerwin

    That's also what i think before. I said to myself: "It is impossible to finish this game".

    But after so many trial and error attempts, i've finally made the right strategy to finish the game clean and no cheats involved.

  22. @asdasdasd

    As of this time, i cannot make a video. But i will try to post the replay here.

    I will update you guys later.

  23. ayaw naman mag play ung mga reply nyo eh!!!

  24. When i reach level 11, i already have cutter tower level 7 and canon tower level 7, but still i cant finish it. i only reach level 11 :( what should i build then?

  25. pano summon si war queen???

  26. the the previous comments. i already answered how to summon war queen.

    have you read the step by guide? or download the replay and watch the exact process how i finished the game.

  27. read the 18th comment. the answer to the question: how to summon war queen in mafa TD queen? has already been answered.

    To finish level 11. you should have enough vengeful at both sides - 10 vengeful in both sides then upgrade one vengeful on both sides to level 2.

    Note: You cannot do this if you failed to bank earlier (you should have plenty of Noob Furions).

    at the start of level 11 or at level 10, you should summon naga summon maiden so that you can build towers that can see invisible units.

    Or... train fujiko and position him at the center.

    at level 13, you should have 1 Volcano or 2 Volcanoes to make sure that no creeps can pass through your defense.

  28. HOW CAN I BUILD the HELL QUEEN, GREEDY QUEEN, and LICH QUEEN TOWERS???? HELLLP! i want to finish the game with those! thanks...

    i've finished the game with the lich queen and hell queen. hard with 4 to no leak/s, and Extra hard with 10 - 15 leaks. Finished Ultra hard as well, but with my friends (I was mid, they all had bank builds).

    in hard mode, I had:

    1 vengeful in lvl7
    1 volcano in lvl 10,
    1 rain of chaos in lvl 11 (has true sight)

    with either rain of chaos or a volcano, the lvl 11 boss is a piece of cake.

    4 elfame keeps near my banks (to maximize the sight for furions) after lvl 11 but before lvl 12 (interval)

    at level 14 I have 1 red alert and 1 zeus. (1 loghtning tower in each side will suffice throughout the game)

    This strat is very helpful, thanks! i just tweaked it a bit.hehe thanks!

    please answer my question!

  29. oh, i forgot. i know how to summon the brilliant goddess, what i can't do is summon the three "hero towers". i can't find it anywhere. thanks. is it a different map? i'm using v4.5c(UH) and v4.5c(C+UH)



  30. hello guys! For those who has query about how to summon War Queen, the requirement is to summon Pussy Cat Doll.

    check here:
    How to Summon Pussy Cat Doll?

  31. Yeah i did it. I finished already lvl 11 up to lvl 21. But when i reach 21 i always fail. I already have 2 volcanoes, 2 red alerts and lich queen And yet i cant finish it. I cant download your replay cause it's kinda corrupted. Answer my question please? Thanks! :))

  32. @Jerwin:
    Try downloading a compatible maps here:
    Mafa TD Queen Maps

    If you already have lich queen, you can upgrade your ice tower into DarkBird Tower or Snow Queen Statue.

    At level 21, you should have 2 DarkerBird Tower and an upgraded Snow Queen Statue(color blue).

    In my game, to avoid any leak, i have 3 DarkerBird Tower and 3 or more Snow Queen Statue(the blue one).

    Take note: The Bosses here are invisible, so have your fujiko near your Lich or Damage Tower. To be secure, add more Elfame Keep at the center.

    Please come back here. If you done those things right.

  33. By the way, for those who are wondering how to summon HELL QUEEN, GREEDY QUEEN and LICH QUEEN TOWERS, please check these links:
    How to Summon Pussy Cat Dolls?
    How to Summon War Queen?

  34. Dude, I can't find your version of MAFA TD FINAL anywhere! Do you mind sharing the download link? :)

  35. is there any cheat on this game???

  36. Yes! There are cheats in Mafa TD Queen if you play single player mode. You can use the cheats used in any single player Warcraft III game like -greedisgood.

  37. how to win the game using he brilliant goddess? its very difficult to follow the steps above having 10 banks because the brilliant goddess needs 7 lumber to summon her.. and in level 21, it be very hard to finish without any hero. please help

  38. sorry dude! so far, i'm still on the process of discovering the right strategy to win a game with the use of Brilliant Goddess.

    Your right! with the usual game strat, if you are planning to summon Brilliant of Goddess, at level 21, you might not have the hero because she's very expensive.
    Try to calculate the lumbers you gonna spend in banks so that the remaining lumbers would be 7 - enough to summon the hero.
    I have this idea: in single player, it's very hard to get Brilliant of Goddess but in a Team Game, maybe other players will sponsor some money and lumber for you to acquire the Hero/heroine.
    Don't worry, i'm still playing and attempting to unravel the secret behind using Brilliant of Goddess.
    But if you're the one to discover the strategy first, then please come back here and share that strategy for the benefits of other Mafa TD Queen players.

  39. well.. in team game. you are right to summon the brilliant goddess could be possible.. but not for a solo game. anyway here, while i was playing single player. i typed greedisgood 7 . hehehhe so that by level 15-17, i could summon the goddess already but in level 39 hahaha what a joke, :p. was very confident but in the end i still failed.

  40. Is there a way to close the gateway where the creeps are coming out? Thanks.

  41. @Duplum

    probably,yes, just try editing the map using world editor found inside the warcraft III folder in your computer and close the gateway thing you are saying. then voila, hope this helps, correct me if im wrong coz im just a child,^^

  42. Sir,id like a step by step instruction to summon "the brilliant goddes" i dunno how T_T
    rock ON!

  43. try the link above on how to summon War Queen or PussyCat Doll, that will also guide you on how to summon Brilliant of Goddess.

  44. why cant i upgrade it to fire orb when i already have and elf flame palace.

  45. why cant i upgrade the firetrap to fire orb when i already have the requirements needed? i have the three: firestorm, volcano, and elflame palace

  46. what version you are using? This guide is for Mafa TD Queen 4.5(C+UH).

    Try checking other requirements here: Orb requirements

    Then try again. Maybe something is just missing.

  47. What towers do you recommend upon reaching level 21, I find it hard to finish because the creeps are very fast. Even 6 red alert towers with 3 volcanoes and some ice towers can't stop them.

  48. If you already have lich queen, you can upgrade your ice tower into DarkBird Tower or Snow Queen Statue.

    At level 21, you should have 2 DarkerBird Tower and an upgraded Snow Queen Statue(color blue).

    In my game, to avoid any leak, i have 3 DarkerBird Tower and 3 or more Snow Queen Statue(the blue one).

    Take note: The Bosses here are invisible, so have your fujiko near your Lich or Damage Tower. To be secure, add more Elfame Keep at the center.

    Please come back here. If you have done those things right.

  49. Thanks a lot for the tip. My problem now is the level 30. I have 2 volcano, 1 darkerbird, 1 snow queen, 2 rain of terror, 1 ultimate vengeance, an elflame palace and gaia tower lvl 2 in the mid.
    Lich queen is on max level.
    it's no good, I lose all life in just a few seconds.
    Before level 30 I saved my game.
    I tried several different things to add
    a. 2 rain of chaos;
    b. 2 volcano;
    c. a lot of vengeance tower 1 (just for the stunning capability of these towers)
    By the way, in another save file, instead of one darkerbird and snow queen, I had two.

  50. Don't invest more on Volcano, Vengeful and Rain of Chaos, instead build more Snow Queen Statues and DarkerBird Towers. 8 Snow Queen Statues and some supporting Darkerbird Towers. Use stunning capability of the Naga Summon Middle. Stun all the creeps at the middle. Also use the Lich Stunning Capability and its Skill.
    The real secret of the game is to have more and more Snow Queen Statues and Darkerbird Towers. Also upgrade at least two rain of chaos to Rain of Terror or its max upgrade.

    Good luck.pls report any progress here.

  51. I finished the game with the queen of seventh hell.
    I used 5 phoenix, 2 rain of terror, 3 red alert, 4 ice lvl 4, 2 ultimate vengeance, 2 necromancer, gaia tower max level an elflame palace and elflame keep in the mid. I also used the item w/c has the refresher orb icon for the queen. Before the final wave, i used all gold for a lot of ultimate vengeance. No leak in the final wave.
    Gonna try it w/ lich queen and queen of greed.
    Thanks a lot for the guide!

  52. i finished the game with the war of godess. with 1 naga and 2 fujikos you placing near in your banks, you can summon the godess of war at lvl 17-18.

    you should build your banks only one side, the ryt side or the left side, so that the mobs will not come at the same time. with your naga stun capabilities, stops the mobs in your banks range, means more money.

  53. how can i summon brilliant goddes.. i already build the gate of tralala an see the war queen but where's the brilliant goddes?? i need the brilliant goddes 2 upgrade the red alert!!

  54. how can i summon the moonlight queen>?

  55. I can play it solo mode with no leak in hard mode, and sometimes i dont leak in extra hard mode. the technique is just to have banks in each side, just put 1 rexxar and level 5 cannon tower and 6 ice in mid plus 15 lvl 1 lightning tower for naix so you can get all lumber and buy volcano right away. put 6 violet banks plus 3 ice on every side and 2 ice in top and middle lane where the creeps spawn. just delay the naix so your cutter can focus. After getting all the naix, upgrade poison tower to hsbc, you need ice tower lvl4 to do that to get a volcano. After getting a volcano it is easier to finish because you can get lumber in robot required for summoning your hero. dont forget to train fujiko for invisible that is my strategy.

  56. i tried to summon warqueen in solo mode but it seams impossible, but i will try and i will share my strategy if i found a way to do it thank you for your post Scolex, this is a good guide for those who want to finish mafa in solo mode, just try my guide in putting 6 violet poison tower farms in each side im sure you can get more money and upgrade your towers right away

  57. -lives is there any real reply?

  58. i watched reply by renaming the map.. but u lost at level 3!!! wats up wid that?!

  59. rename map with Mafa TD Queen v4.5c (UH)~1 to watch reply. you will see that he just reached level 3. where is the real reply where you finished until level 40?


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