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China Roces - Girl in the Alleged Sex Video of Paolo Bediones?

After the keyword "Paolo Bediones" became trending in Twitter because of the alleged sex video, netizens were asking: Who is the girl in alleged Paolo Bediones sex scandal?
China Roces girl in Paolo Bediones scandal

Rumors spread via Twitter mentioned the name China Roces as the girl on fire in the bed scene with the TV5 news anchor Paolo Bediones.

In a Facebook status on July 27, China posted,"Hindi po ako ang Nasa scandal Okey?? Tgnan ng Mabuti at alamin po.."

In a telephone interview by DJ Mo, Mikey Bustos and Sam Oh on Monday, July 28, 2014, China denied the allegation and said: "I feel really bad".

China Roces' Facebook account has received a lot of hits after she was linked to the scandalous video.

Another name that was dragged into the controversial issue is Helen Grace Garbo Gonzalez but she also nullified the allegation.
who's the girl in Paolo Bediones video scandal - Helen Grace Garbo Gonzales


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