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China Roces - Girl in the Alleged Sex Video of Paolo Bediones?

After the keyword "Paolo Bediones" became trending in Twitter because of the alleged sex video, netizens were asking: Who is the girl in alleged Paolo Bediones sex scandal ? Rumors spread via Twitter mentioned the name China Roces as the girl on fire in the bed scene with the TV5 news anchor Paolo Bediones.

Paolo Bediones Sex Video Scandal Turns News Anchor's Name into Paolo Videones

"Paolo Bediones" became a trending keyword in Twitter on Sunday, July 27, 2014 after some clips of his alleged sex video scandal has been permeated online. After the keyword Paolo Bediones has been sparked through Twitter, it spreads like wild fire on other top social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.

Singing Bibingka Street Vendor Deserves a Break in The Voice Kids Philippines

A video of a young girl who sold bibingka (rice cake) for a living is going viral through social media. The young girl has an amazing voice quality that could be her ticket to The Voice Kids Philippines. In the video, the young Filipina kid is singing "Sayang na Sayang" - a song popularized by Aegis. Netizens who have seen the singing bibingka street vendor wished that this talented young girl would be featured in shows like Gandang Gabi Vice or even in Ellen Degeneres Show.

Nutrition Month 2014 - Electronic Poster Making

One of the contests in the celebration of Nutrition Month 2014 here in our school is Electronic Poster Making (E-Poster Making). The electronic posters designed by the contestants revolved in the theme, "Kalamidad Paghandaan, Gutom at Malnutrisyon, Agapan". The contestants used Adobe Photoshop CS3 in designing the e-posters. The contest administrator provided the images that were used during the design process. Here's my sample electronic poster out from the images given:

How to Solve the Problem of School Children Drowning by River Crossings in Remote Schools in the Provinces

Fact: Children were caught in flashfloods as they cross rivers on the way home from school. This is a problem in communities in remote schools in my province. A number of fatalities happen every year or so during rainy season. This problem is recurring which means that this has not been addressed up front for years. Image source

How to download videos from Facebook

This is a tutorial on how to download videos from Facebook without downloading or installing video downloader software. There are a lot of ways on how you can download videos from Facebook but this one is the best option I used everyday when I want to download or copy a video from Facebook to my hard drive. How to download videos from Facebook? 1. Click on the Facebook video that you want to download.

Dengue vaccine ready for release on July 2015

The Dengue vaccine which showed a promising 56.5% overall efficacy based on the results of the first Asian dengue vaccine efficacy trial will probably be released on July 2015. No exact date was announced but the Philippines' Department of Health (DOH) revealed on Thursday, July 18, 2014, that the vaccine has passed several trials using the standards established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

First Super Full Moon for 2014 illuminates the sky this weekend

Those who are fond of watching the night sky will be amazed with the first "Super Full Moon" for 2014. This rare phenomenon will be observed  this weekend starting Thursday night until the full moon on Saturday, July 12, 2014. Super Full Moon According to Jose Mendoza, the chief of PAGASA's Astronomical Publication Unit, a "super" full moon happens when the moon is in the orbit closest to the earth (lunar perigee) and it also coincides with the full moon.

Manufacture Large Covers with PVC Welding

PVC coated fabrics can make for excellent protective coverings and you will see them used in a number of different ways: as tarpaulin, banners, lorry side curtains, marquees, sunshade covers and so on. You will need to use hot air tools, as this will create a strong, reliable weld that will last.