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How to Save P400 in 1 month Unlimited Internet Surfing Using Globe Broadband and BlackBerry Smartphone

I'm enjoying this for almost 6 months and I would like to share how I saved P400 for a 1-month unlimited internet access using Globe Tattoo Broadband and BlackBerry smartphone. For the information of everybody, this is not a Globe Tattoo hack. We will not use any software on this trick. This is 100% legal since we pay for the internet we are using here.

4 Simple Tips to Protect Your Smartphone, Yet Always Neglected

Virtually everyone now knows how important it is to ensure that a personal computer is protected from viruses and similar security threats. However, you might not realize that it is just as important that you ensure your smartphone is similarly protected. Many people now perform sensitive transactions and store personal data on their phones on a regular basis. However, as smartphone usage and capability has skyrocketed, protection techniques have unfortunately not. This has created a gold mine for scammers and hackers. Fortunately, these simple tips can help you make sure that you are protected :

Ninja Kingdom error: Cannot Find Match

OMG, I hate this part! Something went wrong in Ninja Kingdom. As I tried to attack for multiplayer battle, a message popped up: "Matchmaking could not find a valid opponent for you. Please try again in few minutes."  Of course, as instructed by the message, I wait for few minutes or even hours but to no avail, the problem persists. I can't still attack! Zynga please help! I've visited the Ninja Kingdom forum in Zynga Player Forums but I didn't find any solution on Ninja Kingdom error: cannot find match. What I've found out are clamors of some Ninja Kingdom players who have encountered the same Ninja Kingdom bug.

A Few Favorite Links Building Tactics in 2014

With the introduction of Google Panda and Penguin, it seems that search engine optimization has become harder than ever. While it is still as important as ever to optimize your website for the best search engine results possible, it has become harder than ever to nudge your site up the results page. Luckily, there are still many great ways to improve your search results, no matter your keywords. Here are some of the link building tips we can recommend in 2014. Link Building Tactics 2014 Include linking as a term of contract whenever you sign a new contract with a new business partner. Whenever you create a new business relationship, stipulate that your new partner must link to (and you to them) on each of your respective websites.  Don’t forget about the power of old-fashioned public relations. PR professionals can create press releases and get your company media attention, which of course results in positive search engine results. Blogging, although not as trendy as it once wa