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Typhoon Agaton Updates (Bagyong Agaton Updates)

Typhoon Agaton updates (Bagyong Agaton Updates) will be posted on this page. Typhoon Agaton updates: January 17, 2014 - 6:00 P.M.

Typhoon Names 2014 - Philippines

Typhoon Names or Tropical Cyclone Names for the year 2014. Check out if your name is one of the names choosen by PAGASA in their Typhoon naming scheme. The following will be the names of Typhoon that will occur in 2014:

Super Typhoon Agaton text message - True?

While Super Typhoon Agaton creates panic online , there's also a text message with the same unverified information being forwarded by mobile users in the Philippines. If you happened to receive the SMS or text message about Bagyong Agaton, of which according to the message - "stronger than Typhoon Yolanda", that is actually a rumor. Yes, the first typhoon for the year 2014 would be named Agaton because it's a naming scheme developed by PAGASA . But this doesn't mean that it is a super typhoon. Here's the Typhoon Agaton rumor spreading through text/SMS:

Viral Video: Shark Eats a Man - A Spam Happening in Your Facebook Timeline

There's a latest spam in Facebook and maybe you have observed it in your friend's timeline and instantly you might also become an agent for the post to become viral. The post is eye-catching because there's an image of a man being eaten by a shark. Also, the title has gravity in it - " [Shocking Video] Shark eats a man swimming in the ocean!! " Plus, it really looked like a video embedded in a post.