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Leveraging Solar to Reduce Your Energy Needs

Since their introduction a number of decades ago, solar panels have grown from small devices that power calculators to massive energy-creating infrastructure pieces that can power thousands of homes. Of the many home electricity generation systems, solar is one of the easiest to operate and maintain, and once tax credits are considered, solar is far less expensive than one might think. Let’s take a brief look at home solar power and how to approach bringing this to your home. Step One: Determine your Needs The first step is to determine your average energy needs. This information can usually be obtained by checking your electricity bills for the past year, adding up the total number of kilowatt-hours used and dividing by 12 months. This number offers some insight into the level of home solar equipment required to power your entire home, and will give an idea of the costs involved.

How Do Schools Benefit From Solar Panels?

Schools benefit in many ways from having solar panels. They are a visual teaching aid for the students in several subjects. A photovoltaic system can be used to produce power, heat, and hot water for the school to use. By producing its own energy to cover school needs, monies usually spent on electricity are freed for other uses. Teaching aid Solar panels, mounted on their own poles, are a wonderful teaching aid. They allow the students to see what they look like and how they are installed. They can observe how the panels follow the path of the sun. Closer examination reveals  how solar panels work . Monitoring electricity output levels, comparing sunny days to overcast ones, determining equal fossil fuel consumption are all possible classroom activities. This can be accomplished by making use of an online monitoring system that displays relevant data.

Adding Solar Panels With Style: How to Make Your Solar Panels Look More Chic

Adding solar panels to your home is a great idea for many reasons. You save on your electric bill, help the environment and get a break on your taxes. That said, solar panels aren’t known for their attractiveness. In fact, some cities are actually making a move to hiding solar panels. So how can you do this? Check out some of the ideas below. What they are doing in France The International Centre for Design in Saint-Etienne, France has taken glass and metals to camouflage solar panels. Turning these materials into triangles allows you to add, “additional detailing creating zones of light and shade.” Solar Shingles Fast Company has found a company that creates shingles for your roof with an added benefit—the shingles are also solar panels. According to the article the shingles, “use thin-film copper indium gallium diselenide technology to make them cheap and light, and they're designed to be intermingled with traditional asphalt roof tiles on a roof. That makes for easy

Solar Energy in India

Solar Energy India. Learn how India is using the green technology to harness solar energy and power up homes and industries. As the global economy continues to fluctuate, the emergence of developing countries as key consumers of energy has provoked much debate. More specifically, where they intend to find the energy to drive their rapid expansion, and what the cost is likely to be for individual consumers and for the environment in general. New Demands On Energy Sources From Growing Populations It is no secret that concern over fossil fuels is causing many countries to look to more environmentally-friendly methods of energy production. With expanding populations and the evolution of a knowledge-based economy come new demands on energy sources, and countries with a generous share of sunny days are those which stand to benefit from solar power . India is one such country, and photovoltaic production is already starting to overcome some local energy problems in this vast and div

Solar Panels and Electricity: The Dos and Don’ts

Taking the step to running your house on solar is not only a great benefit environmentally, but it can also save you some money on your electric bill. Some reports show an average saving on 30 percent on your bill. With benefits like these, how do you get started implementing solar?

Green Architecture – Nanyang Technological University

Some of the most amazing architecture designs around the world in the last 5 years have focused on green architecture practices. No exception to this growing trend is the design of the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. While green home architecture styles can be seen in many a luxury property for rent in Kensington, this is one of the best examples of eco-focused design for an academic institution. The roof seems almost like a rolling meadow landscape, but it’s not purely in its aesthetic design that the school excels, but also in the 5 storeys of photovoltaic panels and natural warming solutions that make this one of the most environmentally conscious construction projects.

Saving Energy at Home and at Work

Do you believe in saving energy at home and at work? This is a good way of cutting down on your expenses and using your finances for something considerably more constructive. Energy conservation is a fantastic attempt to do something at home by carefully handling electricity and saving on your energy bills. As electricity is definitely an inseparable part of existence you need to utilize it consciously and systematically by deploying several energy consumption plans. You may have had a tiring day accomplishing your work at the desktop for long hours. At the end of the day when you leave your workplace you tend to forget the world. You may leave the room to have a smoke outside and when you return you find that all the lights and fan, AC, laptop and other required electrical appliances are still alive. Just exert yourself a bit more and turn off the devices before you leave the room. You may not think that such a simple step can help to benefit the environment, but turning a

Chito Miranda and Neri Naig Video Scandal Part 2 More Intimate Than Part 1

OMG! The part 2 of video scandal involving Chito Miranda and Neri Naig is now circulating online and has drawn different reactions from netizens. I was not aware that Chito Miranda and Neri Naig video scandal part 2 is the talk in social media and blogs until one of my friends post a status in Facebook saying: " Andito na si Chito, si Chito Miranda....part 2. "