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Marian Rivera Tops FHM magazine's "Sexiest Woman in the Philippines" 2013

Marian Rivera was once again on the top of the list of the FHM Magazine’s Sexiest Woman in the Philippines for 2013 after getting the most number of votes out of the million subscribers and readers of the magazine. Rivera won the same title in 2008, and placed 5th last year in the same poll as Sam Pinto replaced her on top. This year, she garnered a total of 890,490 votes out of the 16 million casts via online, text, and print ballots which made her number one again. She expressed her great gratitude to those who voted for her and added that it was so unexpected which her even happier.

Photo of Daza, Wilson Kissing Earns Mixed Reactions

The photo of kissing cousins Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson has gone viral on social networking sites as it was posted by Daza on her instagram account last Thursday, June 27, 2013. This photo became highly controversial as Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson let their lips touch for the camera which drew the attention of everybody. Photo Credit: Instagram

UAAP Season 76 Opens Greatness

The 76th season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines(UAAP) has officially started with an opening ceremony led by the host school, the Adamson University at the Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Saturday-June 29, 2013.

Time’s Not Gold for K to 12

More years, more learning, and more opportunities in the future are what the government had pictured out why they implemented this new law known as the Enhanced Basic education Act of 2013 or the K-to-12 Act which was signed by Pres. Benigno Aquino III as law last May 15, 2013. The Department of Education came up with a very good plan on how to develop and help the country and its citizens through quality education that would require additional years in school particularly six years of primary education, four years of Junior High School and two years of Senior High School. We always say that time is gold. But this new law definitely deals with the saying, “Patience is a virtue”. In order to have brighter future, students need to study and exert more effort and time to be in school and acquire good education.

NBA 2013 Championship Title: Earned Not Given

The NBA Finals is always highly anticipated because it showcases unbelievable basketball talents. And at the end of the season, two of the best teams in NBA will face each other playing to be called the best team in the world. This year, the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat enter the finals bringing with them pride and honor for their respective conferences and competing for one goal, to win an NBA title. But the biggest breakthrough for this year’s finals is that Lebron James is given a chance to beat the Spurs who swept his former team last 2007 and his chance to get his second ring and fulfill his promise to the entire Heat nation. Game 1 was held in Miami but it was the San Antonio Spurs who won despite a home court disadvantage. But the Heat is a team known to have big bounce back games after losing, and they showed that in Game 2 in front of their home crowd beating the Spurs with a 19-point lead.People started to acknowledge and appreciate how these two teams are pla

Lebron James vs The Spurs?

It was six years ago when the San Antonio Spurs faced Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals last 2007 which the Spurs won and swept the Cavaliers, 4-0. Image Credit: Three years after their discouraging loss, Lebron James decided to leave the Cleveland and transferred to the Miami Heat teaming up with the Heat’s stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Lebron’s decision made noise to NBA and to the world and made him even the most talked about player in the league throwing different intrigues and comments against him. A lot of doubters and haters emerged especially when the Miami Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks last 2011 blaming Lebron James’ “immaturity” as a player. But after that disheartening loss, they regrouped and he proved to be a better basketball player learning how to pass the ball and to shoot the ball better, attacking the rim and drawing fouls against his opponents.

NBA 2013 Finals: The Legends vs The Rising Stars

Basketball never stops. NBA 2013 Finals has been a battle of different basketball eras. The San Antonio Spurs already has four titles and is trying to get their fifth ring this year while the Miami Heat only has two titles and will hopefully win their third one this season. A lot of people thought it would just be easy for the Heat to beat the Spurs because they are perceived to be a stronger and younger team compared to the Spurs composed of the ever scrutinized, 4-time season MVP and last year’s NBA Finals MVP Lebron James, 2006 Finals’ MVP Dwayne Wade and the other member of their big three, Chris Bosh. The addition of Ray Allen, Chris Andersen and Rashard Lewis give the Heat the depth and also their other players contributing in defense and offense. On the other hand, the San Antonio Spurs is already a veteran and experience team with 3-time Finals’ MVP Tim Duncan, 2007 Finals’ MVP Tony Parker and their ever reliable point guard Manu Ginobili. The Spurs also do not lack