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My First Backpacking Adventure to Bagsak Falls, Manay, Davao Oriental

I would like to introduce to you my new hobby – Backpacking . On this post, I would like you to know the enjoyment I felt on my first backpacking adventure . Target natural beauty spot – Bagsak Falls which is located in Zaragoza, Manay, Davao Oriental. At first, I was really hesitant with the invitation of the PASAK ( Pagpangga Sang Kinaiyahan ) Outdoor Club in San Ignacio, Manay , Davao Oriental . I have many questions in my mind before I accepted their invitation to join with them on a backpacking adventure to Bagsak Falls. Can I endure the hike with the scorching heat of the sun ? Will I be able to cross the river with utmost strength? Will I be able to conquer the rough trail towards the falls? Backpacking From Sitio Cabugan to Crossing Bagsak PASAK-MANDAS on their way to Bagsak Falls Well, let’s start with a hike from Sitio Cabugan. How long we will be able to reach Bagsak Falls? One of the PASAK members answered: “Mga isa ka oras siguro.” ( “In approximately one hour.

Killer earthquake shakes Sichuan, China, kills more than 100, injures 6k

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 has rocked near the City of Ya'an, in Sichuan province, south-west China on April 20, 2013 at 00:02:47.27 UTC. The quake toppled buildings, triggered landslides and disrupted phone and power connections in mountainous Lushan county. According to the latest update from , the earthquake’s death toll has reached 157 and more than 6,000 people were injured. Image credit: The quake -- measured by the China Earthquake Administration at magnitude-7.0 and by the U.S. Geological Survey at 6.6 -- struck the steep hills of Lushan county shortly after 8 a.m., when many people were at home, sleeping or having breakfast. People in their underwear and wrapped in blankets ran into the streets of Ya'an and even the provincial capital of Chengdu, 70 miles east of Lushan, according to photos, video and accounts posted online. source

On Kristel Tejada's Suicide - Some Assumptions Worth Sharing For

You can freely accuse me of making an assumption that would seem unfounded because I don't know Kristel Tejada at all. But I do know suicide because I think about it way more than a normal person does. I think about it before I sleep. I think about it even on good days. I look up on tall structures wondering if jumping from the top would be fatal. The only thing that's keeping me breathing is my fear of failing where Kristel Tejada succeeded. Kristel Tejada was probably depressed. I can hear the cries of the majority saying that no, she's just a victim of her financial situation but let's face it, unless you're part of the very few families who own the Philippines: we are all in one form of financial fix or another. I get stressed about money. Hell, I get stressed about a lot of things. I get stressed about nothing sometimes too. I struggle with every other thing I do because that's the nature of my brain and I can't help it but I am trying. I