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Access To Education For All!

Image Credits: Unesco University can be a frustrating experience - moving to a strange place, meeting deadlines, making new friends, not to mention the actual content of the course itself. Anyone who has been to University for any length of time will know exactly what I am talking about; but imagine a further problem. Not being able to get to half of your lectures! At my University, which prides itself on being inclusive, I have endless problems accessing rooms for meetings, lectures and seminars. It is a very old building and I always get the information that I require, but it comes at a cost. Independent Study Part of the essence of University life is learning together. The interaction with tutors during lectures and with fellow students during seminars is priceless. However, if a lecture is on a certain floor, as rooms change - often at short notice – then I cannot attend. The academic staff are helpful and often take time out of their schedule to meet with me or give me th

Scientists Question the Use of Helium In Balloons

There’s definitely something cheerful about a helium-filled balloon, but if scientists have their way, helium balloons may become a thing of the past. This is not a safety issue but instead revolves more around the diminishing amount of helium on the planet. Balloon manufacturers and balloon distributors have a different view. From the scientist’s point of view, helium is a limited commodity. It serves many important medical and space travel purposes. For example, helium is used to cool the large magnets used in MRI scanners. In the space program, helium is used clean the rocket’s engines. Professor Welton Professor of Chemistry, Tom Welton of the Imperial College in London, is one of the leaders in opposing the use of helium for recreational purposes. Emphasising the increased reliance on the medical community for MTI scans, Welton said there is not enough helium to go around and he recommends it be treated as a protected gas.

Weird Facts About Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

While checking my friends' Timeline update on Facebook, I encountered this post. I've read through it and the facts being shared ignited my curiosity. Is this true or some kind of hoax? Read more to know the similarities or connections between Abrahan Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

Torchlight 2 Transmutation Formulas or Recipes

This post will update you with the complete Torchlight 2 transmutation formula or transmutation recipes . In this game, transmutation is used to change a quality of one item into another. The quality of the new item created is the average of the quality of the items or ingredients used. Take note that the transmuter will first become available when you reach the Zeryphesh in Act II. After that, the transmuter will be available all throughout the game.

Top 10 Tech Predictions 2013

No matter what changes happen over the year 2013, the technology industry is looking at strong and stable growth from the first to the last quarter. Some changes might seem rather predictable, but others will be sweeping and surprising in scope.   Here are the top 10 predictions for 2013: 1- Demand on the Rise for Laptop/Tablet Combinations Having the best of both worlds became more than a dream with the release of Dell’s XPS DUO, Lenovo’s Yoga and HP’s Elitebook. IT management caught the fever of combining laptop and tablet technology by experimenting with them on their own time. The ease of supporting one device versus two or three makes it an incredibly appealing product. Look for a huge upswing in demand because the word is out. 2- Apple Jumps into the Hybrid Market The light feel of the iPad has cornered a huge market share, but there is a noticeable gap between this device and a hybrid product like the MacBook Air. Having a permanently or detachable keyboard would fi