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Pop Culture Created Languages

Popular culture birthed the creation of many worlds. From the minds of Tolkien we birthed the land of Middle Earth with small hobbits and Hogwarts became a second school in our minds for all of us teenage aspiring wizards and witches.  Creators of worlds, such as JK Rowling, put great amounts of thought, love and backstory into the stories they write, much in the way as popular TV shows and other pop culture mediums flesh out a believable world for fans to indulge in. While not only are landscapes, maps and characters created, civilizations and ways of life are also created. None of this can be more apparent than in the creation of language and many fan favorites have developed their own dialect that encapsulates the experience of living the pop culture experience. Middle Earth Mumblings Believe it or not the elven language created by Tolkien, Quenya, birthed the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. On the quest to create a beautiful language form the European languages of Fin

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