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X Factor Philippines Top 12 Contestants

From Top 20, X Factor Philippines already declared the Top 12 Contestants on July 29, 2012 (Sunday).   These contestants will move on to next tougher round together with their corresponding mentor. Here are the Top 12 Contestants in the X Factor Philippines Boys Category to be mentored by Martin Nievera: Kedebon Colim Gabriel Anciano Maturan Jeric Medina

SONA 2012 English Translation (English Version)

If you are looking for the English translation of the SONA 2012, you are in the right place. If you already read the original version of SONA 2012 , which is in Filipino (Tagalog), you might find some difficulty in writing your own reaction or reflection of the said speech in English. For you to easily write your own article pertaining to the recent SONA of the Philippine President, it's much better if you read the English version of SONA 2012.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Gameplay Trailer | BF3 Armored Kill Trailer

Are you one of the Battlefield 3 fans who are very excited for the game's release this coming September? Check out our own collection of Battlefield 3: Armored Kill gameplay trailer that will somehow be your useful hint and become a basis of your game plan once you have the actual experience with BF3. I think my collection of games have become obsolete. What I have now and I'm still playing are Starcraft 2 , DoTA(Warcraft 3) , and Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I've been also an avid fan of the latest installation of Diablo series - the Diablo 3 .

PNoy SONA 2012 replay video

President Benigno "NoyNoy" Aquino III has delivered his SONA 2012 last July 23, 2012 at the Batasang Pambansa. Check out PNoy SONA 2012 replay video. If you failed to watch the SONA 2012 live, you can still watch it with the help of SONA 2012 replay video that we are going to share here. We will also include the download links of PNoy SONA 2012 video so that you can watch it again and again so that you can make your own judgement whether or not the Aquino administration has satisfied the Filipinos with its performance.

SONA 2012 Full Transcript English and Filipino

SONA 2012 full transcript for both English and Filipino will be published here as soon as President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino has finished delivering all the things he wanted in his 3rd SONA. PNoy choose to deliver his SONA for the year 2012 in our national language - Filipino. We will try our best to acquire full text of SONA 2012 in the original language for which it was written and delivered and also the translated (English) version.

Kolohe Kai now becomes HiRemedy to release debut album "Super High"

Kolohe Kai has fully transformed into a new Reggae group HiRemedy and will release its debut album entitled "Super High" this coming August 2012. HiRemedy is a local Hawaii island musical group promoting reggae type of music. It is composed of four former band members of Kolohe Kai (Noah Cronin, Warren Estencion, Luke Daddario and Kolomona Wilson-Ku) and one former member of Rebel Souljahz (Art Viloria). The band welcomes Keenan Chung, newcomer in the field of reggae music , as lead vocalist.

The Coolest Comic Book Covers of All Time

Comic book covers are probably stunning artworks. A cool comic book cover should certainly not only show the details of the saga but must also appear fantastic as well. Amongst the awesome facts pertaining the comic book business is that there are numerous comic book covers for us, as designers to consider. Comic books are infinite source of inspiration and as we speak, we will be having a glance at some of the coolest comic book covers of all time and will be exhibiting all of them for you all to check out. Please spend some time and let us find out if there are any that we did not include in the list.

Diablo 3 player dies after playing for 40 hours

Too much addiction with Diablo 3 has proven fatal as a Taiwanese young gamer collapsed and rested in peace after 40 straight hours of playing Diablo 3 in an internet café. The 18-year old Diablo 3 player was identified only by his surname as Chuang. According to the report , Chuang reserved an exclusive room in one of the internet cafes in Tainan, southern Taiwan at approximately noon on July 13 and has a Diablo 3 marathon play for approximately two days in the absence of food.

Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

This post brought to you by Kia Rio . All opinions are 100% mine. If you are an adventure lover at the same time a tech geek, you will surely love Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt . This is an entertaining quest which involves 2 celebrities: The Kia Rio and Christina Milian. In this show two teams of intimate friends are expedite on a scavenger hunt within Los Angeles to search for Christina Milian. Each team is provided with a Kia Rio, offering the teams an edge of navigation and Bluetooth to look for their target. Check out this video about Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt:

All the World's Gold [Infographics]

Have you ever wondered how much gold there is in the world? As of the beginning of 2012, the answer to this question is 165,000 metric tons, which amounts to a value of over 8.4 trillion dollars. Unfortunately, new discoveries of gold are becoming more and more rare because much of the earth's gold reserves have already been mined. The good news, however, is that a few thousand metric tons of gold are still being mined each year. So the gold production industry is still alive and functioning. Of the world's countries, China produces the most gold, followed by the United States, Australia, and South Africa. Most gold is used to make jewelry but it is also used for holdings and investments as well as industrial use.

5 Reasons Why Cooking Game is The Best Game for Culinary Experts

Diner Dash - an addicting cooking game Chefs and other culinary experts always face the challenge of doing arduous kitchen jobs in the workplace. It has been observed that most of the time, they end up feeling so tired and stressed right after doing their respective tasks of creating savory dishes which costumers love to eat. More often than not, they also try to find ways to entertain themselves while resting. Some of them choose to stay in front of the computer and spent their time watching video clips or simply clicking at the pages of their Facebook accounts either to read updated posts or simply play games that are found there. Speaking about online games, I believe that most chefs or other food experts would most like be suitable players of online cooking games . If you would want to know the reason why I said it, then you should keep reading this article.

Samsung Galaxy S3: What's the Verdict?

Over the last few months, Samsung have been setting tills and order books alight with the eagerly anticipated Galaxy S3. As the most pre-ordered gadget in UK history with over 9 million pre-orders, it’s fair to say that anticipation for what the S3 would deliver was at fever pitch. What’s particularly interesting about the pre-orders and the amount of anticipation is that Samsung didn’t take the traditional route of announcing the phone months in advance and letting the furore rise on that basis. They actually unveiled the design a month prior to the release and launch date yet the excitement had been building for weeks leading up to this. So how does it actually weigh up against the excitement and the anticipation:

Disneyland in the Philippines

Disneyland in the Philippines! Voted as the “happiest place on Earth” Disneyland is a magical place for children and adults alike. It’s a wonderful haven to enjoy childhood, fairytale dreams and world of happy endings with your family. Last April 2012, news reports had it that First District of Pampanga Representative Carmelo “Tarzan” Lazatin sent a convincingly letter to the chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. He wrote how expanding the international theme park franchise on Philippine soil will be of best choice. The country will benefit a lot from it with the expected rising surge of tourists and such.