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Google Nexus 7 tablet specs revealed

Leaked Google's Nexus 7 tablet’s specs show a 7-inch Tegra 3 powered Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" tablet. Ahead of Google's I/O keynote event, the specs for the company's previously un-answered-- but heavily rumored-- tablet have been leaked. According to photos unveiled by technology site Modaco, the tablet is named the Nexus 7, and both the name and specifications are in line with details recently buzzed.

Nintendo 3DS XL Release Date Revealed

Nintendo 3DS XL will be released in the gaming marketplace this August 19, 2012. This is a cutting-edge 3DS design which was announced in the course of the Nintendo Direct broadcast on the 21st day of June 2012. It is tagged as Nintendo 3DS XL because it is an enhanced version of the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console. 3DS XL is much bigger and brighter than its prototype with nearly 2 times the screen resolution (4.88-inch upper, 4.18-inch lower vs. 3.53-inch upper, 3.01-inch lower on the original 3DS).

USA's Most Successful Tech Exports

image source When one thinks of countries associated with technology, the tendency is for nations like China and Japan to jump to mind. And while it is certainly true that most of the world’s technological innovation and large-scale production does originate in the east, it is also true that the United States plays––and has played––a crucial role in shaping the international community’s technological landscape. Here’s a look at a few tech innovations that were born in the USA and have since proliferated all around the globe.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Official Score Card

Here's the official score card of Pacquiao vs Bradley fight. Sports illustrated writers Chris Mannix and Bryan Armen Graham have scored the game 115-113 and 116-112 respectively in favor of Manny Pacquiao. But the score card of the two writers seem to match only with Judge Jerry Roth's score card (115-113; Pacquiao). Other two judges'(CJ Ross and Duane Ford) score cards revealed (115-113) in favor of Timothy Bradley.

Pacquiao vs Bradley replay videos, highlights and download links

If you missed the fight between two of the great boxers of our time, watch or download Pacquiao vs Bradley replay videos on the links that we provide below. This was indeed a great fight but Manny Pacquiao failed to defend his World Welterwieght Championship title to Timothy Bradley via a split decision - 115-113 (Pacquiao), 113-115 (Bradley), and 113-115(Bradley).

Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Stream - Fight Will Start After Celtics-Miami Game is Over

The most anticipated Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley fight is ready to go after the final buzzer of the Celtics vs. Heat Game 7 on NBA has been pressed. All fans are ready to watch Pacquiao vs Bradley fight on HBO Pay Per View and many boxing fans are also looking for Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Stream . Close to defending his title in the WBO Welterweight championship, Pacquaio requested his promoter that his match against Bradley will not start until the NBA game (Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat - Game 7) is over. For those who have no access for Pacquiao vs Bradley online Live Streaming, you can watch the delayed telecast via GMA 7 but if you still have time, you can look for an appropriate and nearest venue where there is Pacquiao vs Bradley free showing.

Where Can You Buy Gold Coins?

Investing in gold is, without a doubt, far more lucrative than investing in real estate or even in stocks. In fact, when the recession happened in 2009, stock and real estate investment dropped greatly, whereas gold investment was not affected that much by the financial crash. Research even showed that more people began investing in this precious metal when two of the biggest industries of the country collapsed. Right now, the future of gold investment seems even more promising. If you also want to invest your money in gold and better protect your financial stability, then the first thing that you have to know is where to buy gold. The Online Gold Dealers and Auction Sites The internet has made it possible for us to easily get in touch with providers, among which are gold coin dealers. Through their websites, you can now easily purchase gold coins at a very affordable price. The gold dealers can afford to offer us better gold prices because there's no longer the need to

Pinoy Pride 14 Live Stream

Watch the Pinoy Pride14 Live Streaming online from The Filipino Channel (TFC) now the PPV. You can see the live action of Team Philippines vs. Team Mexico on June 2 on Balls HD PPV and TFC. The main event of "Pinoy Pride XIV - Night of Champions" will highlight the fight of Donnie “Ahas” Nietes vs. Felipe Salguero.