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9 Interesting Health Facts

We are often concerned about our health, but seldom aware of important health facts . We tend to be careful about various things but at the same time, we are unaware of various facts related to health in our lifestyle. Here are 10 facts related to health which are very interesting and relatively unknown! 1. Sleep Is More Important Than Money Well, we might disagree on this but research shows that people managing to get an hour extra sleep are far happier than those getting a pay hike. Of course you might think that a pay hike might make you happy or a job change might give you ultimate happiness - but the fact remains that a person tends to feel happy when properly rested! 2. Diet And Exercise Together Make You Thin If you think you'll keep running on the treadmill or do your cardiac exercises and get thin, then you are wrong! It's a fact that the right diet along with exercise is the way to get thin; you can't just exercise and expect a weight loss. 3. Coffee Is Good

5 Simple Steps to a Good Night's Sleep

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by amirjina Set Up A Routine You may not realize this but it is very important for you to set up a daily routine, such as waking up at a reasonable time and becoming active during the day. Try to spend some time exercising, being out in the sun or maybe just keeping busy around the house. Keeping your body busy during the day will allow your body to become naturally tired and will allow you to have a good nights sleep. Limit Caffeine I know most of us couldn't go a day without having our daily cup of joe or heck, any type of caffeine but try and cut back on caffeine, especially after noon. To some of us caffeine is what gets us through the day, but with the downside of drinking caffeine is that it comes with caffeine crashes and caffeine crashes play such a horrible role on our sleeping patterns. They make us extremely tired, and give us a reason to want to take a 'power nap', we usually tend to 'over do' tho

5 Sites Where Mobs Gather

If you're like a lot of people I know, I'll bet my bottom dollar you've heard of them already. Mind you, there are a lot of them, and you're probably using at least one of them. I’m talking about crowdsourcing sites. So what is crowdsourcing exactly? Simplistically speaking, crowdsourcing, a word coined by Jeff Howe in a 2006 Wired magazine article, is a process involving the outsourcing of tasks to a diverse group of people. It’s more like regular outsourcing, the difference being the people a task is outsourced to is “undefined” rather than specific, like a set of paid employees. Like in almost anything, there are pros and cons to crowdsourcing, but so far, judging by the sheer number of them splattered across the world wide web, the benefits far outclass the disadvantages. Here are five crowdsourcing sites you might want to check out:

2013 Acura RDX - The Crossover For The Modern Superhero

Aliens, Falling Cars and Explosions - Oh My! If I were trying to outrun aliens down city streets with cars falling from the sky and explosions all around me I’m really not sure what kind of car I would want to choose. The classic choices would always be some kind of fast sports car like a Camaro or Jaguar; I would never think to choose an SUV as my escape car. Well if you have seen Acura’s recent commercial for their RDX maybe it would convince you to choose their RDX rather than the sports car from your favorite action movie. Acura isn’t just making action packed commercials to promote their new vehicles; they are getting their newest models into prime positions to show off just how nice they have become. Acura’s most recent movie appearance is actually as the Official car of The Avengers but this is not Acura’s first movie appearance. They have been teamed up with Marvel Entertainment in some of the most recent releases including THOR and Captain America. In the movie THOR t

Fellowes 79Ci: Cutting-edge Paper Shredding Technology #FellowesInc

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark . All opinions are 100% mine. Papers, there isn’t a day in our daily lives that we don’t see, encounter or use papers. Since the beginning of time, papers have been used to store and hold information for people. But the problem is, there can be some times that you do not want to use that bulk of papers anymore. Somehow, the process of just throwing it on the trash doesn’t work pretty well. Why? The papers you might be throwing might as well contain information you don’t want to be disclosed to anybody else. On highest sense, you just want to protect the privacy of that information contained in those papers. That’s why paper shredders are invented.

Slater Young is Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Grand Winner

Slater Young , a Cebuano housemate, was declared as the grand winner or PBB Unlimited Big Winner in ABS-CBN's reality show, " Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited " on Saturday, March 31, at the Quirino Grandstand. Slater spent 155 days together with the other PBB Unlimited housemates and proved to be the most-loved housemates by the reality show's fans. He garnered 40.02% of text votes and went home with P2 Million plus other special prizes. Slater became popular to all the viewers of PBB Unlimited edition because of his leadership, strong will and and good relationship with fellow housemates. “Grabe, thank you! Thank you so much,” Slater cry out with joy on stage, while he was welcomed by PBB hosts Toni Gonzaga, Robbi Domingo and Bianca Gonzalez. Slater Young, who was dubbed as "Hotshot Engineer of Cebu", joined the reality show to attest his abilities and make his family proud of his achievements.