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5 Things You Didn't Know About Chevrolet

For generation after generation, Chevrolet has had a presence in the US auto market and the lives of millions of drivers. While everyone has probably been in a “Chevy” at some point, there are certain things you may find surprising about the automaker and its history. Below is a list of five things you probably didn’t know about Chevrolet. 1. Chevrolet Wasn’t Always Owned by GM While it may be strange to hear, Chevrolet wasn’t always a division of General Motors. It has been for nearly 100 years. However, Chevrolet was actually founded in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant. Louis was both an engineer who designed automobiles as well as a famous sports car driver. Durant was actually the founder of General Motors. Chevrolet was founded by William and Louis after he was ousted from his leadership position at GM and was forced to start up a new company. Due to Louis’s fame as a racecar driver, the collaboration appeared to be the perfect choice. When Durant became the president

Division of Demographics Between Google+ and Pinterest

There's no denying that certain services cater to certain demographics. For example, one of the freshest social networks on the scene, Google+, has managed to rope in more male users than female. On the other hand, Pinterest has reported that a shocking 97% of its users happen to be female. These can be surprising statistics, but what exactly causes a social network to be more appealing for one gender over another? What are the mechanics (if any) used by corporations to lure in certain types of users? Tech Geeks on Google+ There are many factors that can be attributed to the strong sway that Google+ and Pinterest have on the types of users that they continually draw in. To be specific, Google has always been known to draw in a technologically-focused crowd that has the tendency to be mostly male. When Google rolled out its own social network, Google+, it was expected that the user gender statistic would translate over into the social networking aspect of the company. What's ev

Top 5 Tips to Break Up with Your Boyfriend before College

So you’re college bound and want to breakup with your high school boyfriend, but you’re not sure how to do it. It’s often hard to sit people down and give them bad news, and some less then brave souls may choose to use technology to bring the sad news. One option is to change your Facebook status from in a relationship to single. That would certainly drive home the point. Or, send a text to your boyfriend’s phone. Something like, “I’m heading for greener pastures, and the idea of a sophomoric fling is on the horizon.” A text like that would certainly raise the red flag that a breakup is eminent. Letter. There’s always the option of the proverbial Dear John letter. Not as fast as a text or Facebook change, it’s an old fashioned strategy that also reeks of cowardice, but will accomplish the mission. You can write a synopsis of the grand times you’ve had together and how you will always cherish them as fond memories. You can outline how wonderful the person is and then write the rea

A Guide to The Gamers Universe [Infographic]

Infographic: A Guide to The Gamers Universe A fantastic new technological advancement in the gaming world, for once doesn’t come from its ‘new move’ or ‘special affect’! The advancement stems very much from the organizational aspect of gaming. No this doesn’t link to having to alphabetically organize your games, or simply put the disks back into the correct cases… This new aspect is all down to the developers. You just sit there and enjoy, seeing all your favorite games being inserted into ‘planets’ based on theme and geographic… making it easier for you to search and play the types of games you desire. This Gaming Universe represents each planet by stand out titles; depicted precisely what each planet contains.