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Why You Should Travel To New Places Using Navigation System

It is good to know where you are going as this will help you to get there faster. You will also know the best turns to make to get to the destination faster. Familiarity with a road will help you drive in the best speed and the right direction. It also means that you have knowledge on where the road is safe and where there are blind spots. The bmw navigation system is present to help all who have it installed in their cars to get to a place that they are not familiar with. It works well for many as on many occasions you will have a need to go to places that you are not know well. The navigator will give you the directions that you need to get to your destination. When you have a companion who is familiar with the destination, you can get directions to the place from the individual. This though cannot be compared to getting directions from the toyota navigation system. You may find yourself on a number of occasions in need of early warnings on which turn to take, though the person m

Amphibious Houses - The Ultimate Guard Against Climate Change

Later this year, work will be starting on the first ever amphibious house to be built in the UK . The 225 sqm house will be Buckinghamshire, set a mere 10m from the banks of the Thames. While there will be a fixed foundation for the house, it will be designed to float up in case of flooding in the area, and Baca Artchitects is the design firm behind the innovative idea. How Does Amphibious House Work? The main section of the house will be built from lightweight timber, which will be nestled into a concrete hull shaped base, which creates a sort of free floating pontoon. The whole house will be set inside four vertical guideposts which will hold it in location, the same sort of guideposts you see used in marinas. They are a part of the visual design and will be a feature that can be seen on the outside of the home. Read on: My Home was Flooded - Should I Try and Clean Up Myself or Hire Professionals

How to Monitor Loved Ones with Facebook Spy App

Why would you ever need to keep tabs on your loved ones using a Facebook spy app ?  Although there are thousands of possible reasons for monitoring a loved one’s computing activities, the four most common include: 1. Protect Children Against Online Threats From online bullying to sexual predators, children face a number of threats every time they use the Internet.  One of the most common ways for people to threaten your child is through the use of IM’s, or Instant Messages via services like Facebook.

5 of the Worst Live TV Disasters

This years Super Bowl halftime show was marred (or enlivened, depending on your particular point of view) by British singer M.I.A making that obscene gesture, traditionally favoured by those unsure exactly what point they’re trying to make, flipping the bird. This threw up memories of Janet Jackson’s famous ‘wardrobe malfunction’ which occurred a few years prior, but it’s not just the Super Bowl where the risk of broadcasting live sometimes becomes all too obvious. Here are five truly terrible examples of things going wrong live on camera:

Best Credit Cards for Art Entrepreneurs

It's tough out there for art entrepreneurs right now – slow economy, high cost of living, everybody's wearing your favorite designer. We get it. As a business owner, credit is very important and can be the difference between paying the bills and going out of business. Although it's hard to find business credit cards that cater specifically to artists and art-related businesses (let us know in the comments of you know of any), there are plenty out there that target small business owners and entrepreneurs. Many budget and finance blogs urge readers to do without credit cards, however, entrepreneurs have different needs and can't really do without credit. In fact, according to an article by Wharton business school, most entrepreneurs are funded through a combination of credit card debt, personal loans, and second mortgages. Artists and art entrepreneurs can be especially vulnerable to cash flow problems with long lead times between creation and sale.

How to Optimize Your Site for Google AdSense

Selling advertising on your blog or Web site is a great way to make money online. Google's AdSense program is a popular advertising program because it pays customers based on the click-through ratio (CTR) of the ads -- or the number of times that an ad is clicked on that particular site. Therefore, if a site is very popular and attracts a lot of traffic, the earnings potential of that site increases dramatically. There are many ways to optimize your blog or Web site to maximize the amount of money you can make from AdSense. Here are a few ideas: Make the Right Selections When you sign up for AdSense, you can choose the display options for the ads on your site, then you will be matched with advertisers. Selecting the right options will ensure that you are matched with the best advertisers. Typically, sizes that do well are the 160x600 wide skyscraper, the 300x250 medium rectangle, and the 728x90 leaderboard. Ads that allow for images and flash animation are also very popular. Cho

Tips for Choosing Keywords that Will Get Your Blog Noticed

You may be a fantastic writer and your blog may have a lot of useful and interesting content, but if no one can find your blog, no one will read it. The key to getting readers is to get your blog noticed by search engines and to rank higher in search results . The key to getting noticed by search engines is to use the proper keywords. You have to find out what people are talking about, and write about it in the same terms that they are talking about it. Selecting and using the right keywords is partly Arts and partly Science . Tips in Choosing Keywords Here's how you can choose keywords that will get your blog noticed and improve your search ranking to drive traffic to your site: Brainstorm Relevant Terms Start by making a list of possible search terms related to your blog. For example, if your blog is about health and fitness tips for women, your list of possible terms can include "weight loss," "running for women," or "pregnancy workouts."

Tips for Sorting Through College and Career Options

College is an exciting time for most students, as this is when they get to discover who they truly are, and at the same time, carve out a future for themselves. A good college education opens doors and gives one opportunities that will change the financial and social situation of any family. It's not uncommon for one family member who has made it into college to completely rewrite the destiny of future generations by opening doors of opportunity. We shall look at ways that the college system of education benefits you, the expectations of anyone passing through this system, and the various do's and don'ts while in college. You might be interested in these articles too: College Life: Trials and Challenges How to Survive in College

Super Bowl XLVI replay videos and highlights

Summary: Watch or download Super Bowl XLVI replay or Super Bowl 2012 replay videos and game highlights. Because of my busy schedule this week in preparation of our school's foundation anniversary, I missed one biggest sports events in the year 2012 - the Super Bowl XLVI. So here I am, scouring the web for HD Super Bowl XLVI full replay video download links . Unlike my normal days, I was not able to monitor the trending topic in sports, entertainment and technology. I failed to blog about Superbowl live streaming which became a trending search terms on the search engines during the mid-part of the game. There is no guarantee that I can rank well with keywords related to Super Bowl 2012 because there's a great competition in global search but I already experienced generating a lot of traffic because of an international event. Check the stats and infographics of the keyword phrase: Super Bowl live stream here .

"Ahcee Flores'' real name revealed

"Ahcee Flores" the user name that has become the talk of the online community after she posted a dreadful comment on a Yahoo news story about the 6.7 magnitude earthquake that hit some parts of the Visayas region in the Philippines particularly in Negros-Cebu region. What's the real name of Ahcee Flores? Based on a blog post, the real name of Ahcee Flores is Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos. (There's no confirmation yet about this report). Why Ahcee Flores became popular online?

Doubling Up on Your Scout Badges: Combine Work, Study and Extracurricular Experience

Today’s employment market is tougher than ever and many people are wondering how they can stand out from the crowd and get the job that they aspire to. A college degree is no longer a guarantee that you can walk into a job, and often new college graduates are competing with those who have both a degree and years of experience in their industry. Set Yourself Apart by Maximizing your Value If you want to get ahead in your career and be a leader of the pack, you need to do something to set yourself apart. This means that a degree, work experience, or good extracurricular experience are no longer good enough on their own. You need to combine them together so that as much of your life as possible is working towards maximizing your value to future employers.

3 Ways to Find a Cheaper Holiday Vacation Package

For people who have been working so hard and relentless, getting a holiday vacation to make them relaxed and not minding anything about work related is a big bonus that they want.  Far from the busy streets and stressing environment where you see in everyone’s forehead the word “deadline” and “reports”. A holiday vacation is supposed to be a recharging means.  It means that you take a time out from you busy schedule and relax a bit.  In which case, it will allow you to ponder on your priorities and make you a better worker after the vacation.  However, with the continued rising of the vacation packages and tours, many people are getting disappointed and discouraged to go on a holiday vacation.

How Do I Follow the Mediterranean Diet?

There are many different diets out there, what you need to do is to find the right one that will best incorporate into your lifestyle. With the New Year coming many people will be looking at losing some weight and getting healthier. There is never a better time than right now to look into getting healthier. Finding a diet out there is not the hard part, the hard part is finding one that works for you. One of the diets I found that really appealed to me was the Mediterranean Diet . This diet focuses on the basics of healthy eating and maintaining a happy and healthy heart. In addition it adds some zest to the diet with olive oil and some red wine here and there. The diet plan also consists of the wonderful components of Mediterranean cooking.

"Flying People" in NewYork - Do you believe people can fly?

Another viral video has been permeated in the internet about "flying people" seen in the sky of New York. Before viewing the said video, do you believe people can really fly? Here's the fact about the "flying people" captured in video camera: The fascinating sight of 3 people spotted flying all over the skies of lower Manhattan last Friday, causing a lot of curiosity and astonishment from New Yorkers. Even though it looked to be a sight similar of a comic book, it was in fact a brainy bit of viral marketing for this week's upcoming film " Chronicle ." Those aren't people actually flying, but some very complexly crafted radio-controlled airplanes.