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Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 | Pacquiao vs. Marquez III

The Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez already fought the popular Pinoy boxer Manny Pacquiao in two tight battles. The Mexican first met Pacquiao in 2004 in a fight that ended in a controversial draw. They fought again 4 years later, when Pacquiao eked out a split decision to take away Marquez’s WBC super featherweight title. Their two previous fights seemed to be one of the most popular issues all over the world. The issue becomes more intense since Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 battle is fast approaching. Marquez asked Pacman to go down to 143 pounds to make their third fight but Pacquiao won’t fight him at a weight any lower than 145 pounds. Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is even more motivated than ever for his WBO welterweight title defence next month against Mexican Marquez. The battle of the two is now the talk of millions of people and others are already having deal about the fight.

Unthink, a new social media service meant to rival Facebook

A startup company has created a new social media service with the explicit purpose of challenging the market’s major players. The architects of the social media service Unthink , based in Tampa, Florida, created the website for users disenchanted with popular services like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Unthink promotes a policy for social networking whereby the user, not a company, determines the content of a site. The creators of Unthink sought to create a space free of the spam and blatant advertising from invasive corporate entities, emphasizing the user as the most important aspect of social networking. Proponents of the site celebrate Unthink as a step in the right direction for social networking—a move away from the heavy ad based model of Facebook and its imitators. Unthink is still in its infancy, so its impact can’t be fully assessed yet. But what is there to know about it so far? Unthink’s new advertisement structure Unthink wants to empower its user in more tang

Fighting Mouse Infestation: 5 Mistakes Homeowners Make

You find their droppings on your counter or in your pantry. You find food packages with gnaw marks. There’s no denying it: even if you haven’t actually seen a mouse, you’ve got a mouse. And when you have one mouse, chances are you have many. Don’t make the common mistakes many homeowners make, from not storing food properly to not using a live mouse trap. Many of the following tips can be helpful when dealing with other animal intruders too. Steps you take to fight or prevent a mouse infestation can also be good for chipmunk control. Mistake #1: Not Using Glass Jars, Metal Canisters or Other Airtight Containers While it may be easier to stick a clip on the chip bag and put it back in the cupboard, it’s not worth it in the end if you’ve got a mouse problem. Get yourself a variety of airtight containers to store all grains and meat products. Make sure you inform your family members of the new way to store food. If you have enough containers, and keep them in an easy-to-grab

Zacapa Premium Dark Rum – A Heavenly Premium Rum Aged Well Above the Clouds

This post brought to you by Diageo . All opinions are 100% mine. Christmas season is fast approaching and one of the best ways to celebrate this season together with your barkadas (friends) is to relax, have some jamming sessions and tell fascinating stories related to your field of work. Yes! I’m as excited as you are when talking about Christmas vacation because this is one of my favorite moments when our classmates, during our high school days, scheduled our reunion. It’s about a decade now since my high school life and whenever there is a chance for our classmates to gather, we make the most of our time by sharing our achievements, love stories, stories of failures which become a stepping stone towards our success and reminiscing those precious times we’ve been together. And all those stories and shameless revelations will be best shared if there is premium rum within reach. As an old adage says: "In vino veritas." ( "In wine there is truth." ). It’s good

.google .bmw .isgreat - Will Anyone Use The New Domain Names? 4 Predictions

For those of you that don't keep up with the day-to-day dealings of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, you might be surprised to see on the news that .com is "on it's way out".  That's because ICANN -- the official international arbiter of such Internet necessities as domain extensions, IP address block assignments, and Internet protocol registries -- is changing the way that top-level domain names (TLDs) work. Once upon a long long time ago, there were only a few TLDs -- .com for commercial registrants, .edu for schools, .gov for political groups, .mil for military sites, .org for noncommercial organizations, and .net for meta-Internet groups like ICANN itself.  For political reasons, however, the only three that ever had their categories enforced were .edu, .gov, and .mil -- somehow, .com, .net, and .org became available to absolutely anyone to do whatever they wanted with.

"Mistletoe" - Justin Bieber's first single for "Under the Mistletoe" album now on iTunes

Justin Bieber's latest single entitled " Mistletoe " is now available on iTunes . Justin is just proud of this song as the official first single for his Christmas debut album with label "Under the Mistletoe" which is set for release worldwide on November 1, 2011. Written and produced by The Messengers (Chris Brown and Cody Simpson), "Mistletoe" is a cute and cleverly crafted song for Christmas season. Let's watch out for it as it soars on top of different music charts worldwide.

How to Use Social Network to Find a Job

Are you tired of chasing for that elusive job? Maybe it’s the right time to use social network and maximize your social connection in order for you to get the job of your dreams. Whether or not you are a certified college degree holder or just looking for something temporary to tide you over, the job hunting is such a harrowing experience. But those experiences should have been avoided. Social networking has made a lot of things less professional, but it has also brought with it a large number of career-focused websites and applications that can help lighten job-seekers’ madness. When you’ve lost your patience hobbling through Craigslist and sending out cover letter after cover letter, it’s time to supplement your search with these resources. Maybe it’s your first time to hear about since it was acquired by AOL 4 days after its launch, but the site continues to be a messenger site for those who are searching for different opportunities. is all about y

Bubble Gang vs Banana Split - Which Show is More Entertaining?

BUBBLE GANG airs every Friday evenings by GMA Network. This is a comedy show where it used parodies of TV commercials, politicians, current events and issues inside and outside the country. Bubble Gang is a comedy yet practical and with sense show. One of the main casts of the show is Michael V and the other nine casts are Ogie Alcasid, Rufa Mae Quinto, Antonio Aquitania, Boy2 Quizon, Maureen Larrazabal, Ellen Adarna, Sam Pinto, Jackie Rice and Gwen Zamora. The show used to imitate some of the teleseryes and other movies but they make fun of it to make it more attractive yet funny. The show is now competing with the other comedy show especially in the ABS-CBN network.

50 SEO Tips to Increase Search Engine Ranking

Year 2010 is almost over. How is your blogging venture? As a novice blogger, have you reached your first 100 unique visitors for your blog? For me, it's great! I learned a lot by using Google correctly and with the help of other blogs in the web. I regained my spot (#3) in after i changed into new domain name sometime in the mid part of August 2010.

Google to shutdown Google Buzz, Google Labs

In every post that I published in this blog, I always used Google Buzz to share my content to the web. But sad to note, Google will finally shutdown Google Buzz together with Google Labs few weeks from now. The announcement was published in a blog post  saying that the shutdown on Google Buzz and the Buzz API is geared for more improvement on Google's products and in order for them to focus on Google+ . We aspire to build great products that really change people’s lives, products they use two or three times a day. To succeed you need real focus and thought—thought about what you work on and, just as important, what you don’t work on. It’s why we recently decided to shut down some products , and turn others into features of existing products. -Bradley Horowitz, Vice President, Product at Google Aside from Google Buzz, Google Labs will also shutdown , and as previously announced, and the former websites will be replaced by Google Product Search.

First Filipino "Biggest Loser" is Larry Martin

I should have followed the "Biggest Loser" Pinoy Edition from the audition, to the first weigh-in , up to the announcement of winner but due to inevitable circumstances related to work, I was not able to watch the live announcement of the First Filipino Biggest Loser. If you also missed the Final Night of the Biggest Loser Filipino Edition, I would like to share to you that Larry Martin was declared as the grand winner or the First Pinoy Biggest Loser .

Google+ vs. Facebook – An all out war

The world never witnessed an encounter like this one. The cyber don Google is going to head to head against the social media giant Facebook. Before Facebook showed up, Google was flying solo and was never actually challenged. Whereas, the history of Facebook is no less than a tug of war but despite the dirty accusations and law suits, it did manage to survive and swell several folds. Google, on the other hand, is less controversial. It appears that the naughty Facebook, after provoking the less violent and otherwise calm Google, will not face the wrath of Google+. Video Chatting Facebook has a given tough time to Google first by restricting its members listing and later by swallowing a major chunk of online advertisements. Experts believe that Google faces no actual threat from Facebook but the fact remains that social media also needs competition to witness new and improved features. Just when Facebook realized the threat posed by Google+, it joined hands with Skype. Googl

Azkals vs Singapore - Azkals optimistic to win this time

Today the Azkals will play a friendly game against Singapore Lions. The Philippine Football Team left for Singapore last Thursday afternoon. The Philippine Azkals had one day of rest after their campaign in the Long Teng Cup, where they finished in second place. "S'yempre pagod na kami," striker Phil Younghusband said, adding that they played 3 games in the last 5 days. "Pero sana yung adrenaline sa Singapore will get us through."

Apple's Steve Jobs has passed away

News Summary: The co-founder and chairman of Apple , Steve Jobs, has passed away last Oct 5, 2011 at 56. At the age of 56, Apple's co-founder and chairman Steve Jobs died yesterday at the age of 56. The news was published in Apple's website and confirmed that he died because of some several health issues. The various health problems Steve Jobs is suffering to is due to an aftermath of the surgery for a rare form of pancreatic ulcer he had undergone seven years ago (August 2004). Apple announced in January that he would be taking an indeterminate medical leave of absence , with Jobs then stepping down from his role as CEO in late August.

Blog Roll 2

This is the continuation of my Blog Roll for this Free Article Directory . I limit the maximum number of links per page of my blog roll to up 30 links. Please take some time to browse the pages to check your blog. Homeaholic Life According to Me Life of a PC Enthusiast and Anime Fanatic V2.0 Loading-Info Moozik Portal A collection of lyrics of all trending music of the contemporary times. Featuring RNB, dance, mellow, pop, and alternative music. Music Face Off A music blog created due to the bloggers inspiration to share his thoughts on the message the song wants to convey. The author have been admiring well-known artists who made a BANG in YouTube. Nike Dunks A blog that was started in 2008 and since then sneaker enthusiasts have relied on this shoe blog to bring them the most up to date pertinent kicks information, release dates, pricing and availability. Nickle Loves to Blog Opinyoneyted This blog will update has featured the following categories: trending issues, m

Tips to Steer Clear of Black Hat SEO

Do you think black hat SEO practices are illegal? No they are not! You will find a lot of SEO houses indulging in unscrupulous SEO tactics. The fact is black hat SEO is legal but not ethical. Following business ethics is the matter of integrity and everybody knows people who break the code of conduct can never be successful in the long run. In this cruel business world where every competitor tries to pull your legs, sometimes it becomes really hard to steer clear of the black hat SEO. But beware! If you take the help of black hat practices once, you will have to rely on them forever. Once caught, it not only spoils your reputation but also affects your ranking.  The best way is to be ethical from the start and avoid black hat SEO tricks to boost your search engine rankings . I am spotting some black hat techniques along with the tips to avoid them.

La Jolla a Place of Amazing Shoreline

Are you planning your next travel in the United States? Maybe you should consider La Jolla if you love some fantastic views of shorelines that will surely offer you a relaxing beauty of nature and luxury. All About La Jolla Attracting tourists from all over the world, La Jolla's community is a mixture of trends with traditional class. Located 12 miles north from downtown San Diego, this highly progressive place offers seven miles of coastline at an elevation of 110 feet. The land here is so desired that it's impossible to find property in La Jolla for less than 1.25 million an acre! The fortunate 38,000 plus residents in this heavenly seaside town live among Mediterranean style architecture with a unique elegance. From the roaring big waves along the shore to the towering buildings in the business district, you can expect everything in La Jolla to be first class quality.