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Tips on Monitoring Your Child’s Home Internet Use

If you have children at home you will need to keep your maintenance and internet fees down, while you monitor what they do. This article looks at some tools and strategies to do just that. Tips on Monitoring Your Child’s Home Internet Use Knowing what your children are doing on your home computer is as important as having one. You will probably need less computer repairs when they are being monitored. Children can easily say they are using the computer for many tasks, and we cannot, and should not want to stop them from using it. At the same time, we don’t want them to be using the computer for playing games and wasting time when they should be using the computer to get work done. This is the situation that many parents are confronted with. Here is a look at some solutions that will help you get around this sticky problem. Computer Location. If your home computer is in a main room in your house, you will be able to physically monitor your children. Make sure the screen is against t

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

If you are just focused in your online venture, you can really make money with affiliate marketing . In order to benefit from affiliate marketing, it needs some sort of investment. The more you invest the more money you generate. Quoting an old proverb, “ It takes money to make money ”, it is very apt in relevance to the business of making money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is cheap to set up, being a home business. Apart from setting up the home office itself, there are more costs involved in setting it up and get it running smoothly. Stuff like office tables, chairs and other home office accessories can get a little expensive depending on your choices, tastes and aesthetic sense. The other costs involved will be at your induction into the affiliate marketing industry. To make money online you will need to invest in finding web space, registering your own domain name and building your own website that would involve about $100 a year in recurring costs. This

Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team Wins 2 Games in Shanghai 7s Rugby Tourney

Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Teams proved that they are not only for controversial Billboard pose as they won 2 games at the Shanghai 7s Rugby Tournament last Saturday in Shanghai. The Volcanoes outscored United Arab Emirates, 26-7, in their first game then trample over defending champion Korea, 19-14.

Grand Epic Online Philippines | GEO PH - Browser MMORPG

Ever since there came the concept of browser game, editorialists have been exclaiming over the new dimension of computer gaming. But as for browser-based MMORPGs, most we get in past years are only disappointments that are more of a texting game with very limited, if none at all, visual or action elements. Good thing is we now see real progress. We finally see a browser game that lives up to the category of MMORPG and mark as an epic in the industry as its name implies. Its name is Grand Epic Online PH. Grand Epic Online (GEO) PH is an innovative 2.5D browser MMORPG presented by RUNUP Information Technology Corp. With an accurate depiction of Chinese fairyland, Grand Epic Online PH is able to deliver the best gaming experience via its interactive story quests where Chinese beliefs such as natural harmony, true love, personal sacrifice & collective interest were told.

New 7 Wonders of Nature - Global Poll Update

Have you casted your vote for our very own Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature? If yes, here's a good news and a thank you message to everyone who supported the Philippines' entry to New 7 Wonders of Nature . New 7 Wonders of Nature recent poll update reveals that Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan is currently at the number 3 spot in the voting trends of New 7 Wonders of Nature global poll. As of August 25, 2011, there are only 77 days to go before the voting period will end. Yes! It is still a good news because Puerto Princesa Underground River was able to retain its spot among the top 3. Filipinos are hoping that we can maintain the spot or even improve the ranking position until the final day.

Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android will let your imagination works to build and create the world of your dreams while you're on the go. It is a mobile version of Minecraft designed for Android and iOS devices. The game was launched on August 16, 2011 for only $6.92, along with a free demo version. Minecraft Pocket Edition: Objective and Gameplay The primary objective of this game is for players to build their virtual realities in sandbox-like environment. The gameplay of the Minecraft pocket edition is similar to that of the Creative gamemode, with minor differences such as having several of the blocks from the Beta version of the game.

5 Must-See Websites on iOS

When it comes to the world of technology, Apple has become the master of brand name recognition, customer loyalty, and public relations. This means that their continuously expanding operating system, iOS, is no stranger to the limelight of the internet. Here are five key websites that keep the world up-to-date on this mobile operating system's features, specs, rumors, future, and more. 1. MacRumors   No list about iOS would be complete without a special emphasis on rumors. These are not the bad rumors from school, these are the rumors that seem to be a key feature of Apple's advertising campaign. This website not only keeps the world informed on concrete news streaming from Apple's mobile division, but also what may be in store their customers. 2. Design Then Code   When many iPhone owners are asked their favorite features, the majority will reply with the apps. The iOS app store is pushing past a half million apps and the number is being raised by the hundreds every

Pasko sa Agosto Giveaway: $20 or Domain Name plus $10

Pasko sa Agosto (Christmas in August)? Wow!too early to give gifts. I am giving away $20 or a domain name plus $10. Yes! This is not a joke, this is real. I'm planning to give gifts to the followers of this blog and also for those who will follow my new blog. The mechanics to join this giveaway and win the prize is simple! LIKE my Facebook Page, Follow us in Twitter and join us in Google-Friend Connect. If you are a blogger, who wishes to get a domain name (, it's your chance to get one by joining this contest plus an instant $10 delivered into your Paypal account.

Nursing Exam Results (NLE July 2011) - Top Performing Schools

Here are the 10 Top Performing Schools for the latest Nursing Exam Results (NLE July 2011): Name of School | Total No. of Examinees | Total No. Passed | Percentage Passed 1. Cebu Normal University (CEBU STATE COLLEGE) | 181 | 181 | 100% West Visayas State University - La Paz | 161 | 161 | 100% University of the Philippines - Manila | 57 | 57 | 100% 2. University of santo Tomas | 469 | 468 | 99.79% 3. Trinity University of Asia (Trinity - QC)  | 389 | 388 | 99.74% 4. Chinese General Hospital College of Nursing & Liberal Arts | 339 | 338 | 99.71% 5. Saint Paul University-Iloilo |128 | 127 | 99.22% 6. Saint Paul University  | 104 | 103 | 99.04% 7. Saint Louis University | 602 | 593 | 98.50% 8. University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Mem Medical Ctr | 320 | 314 | 98.13% 9. Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology | 96 | 94 | 97.92% 10. De La Salle University - Healt Sciences Institute | 273 | 267 | 97.80%

July 2011 NLE Results

The wait is finally over because the July 2011 NLE Results are already here. If you are one of those who have taken the Nurse Licensure Examination given by the Board of Nursing in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Dagupan, Davao, Iloilo, La Union, Legazpi, Lucena, Nueva Ecija, Pagadian, Pampanga, Tacloban, Tuguegarao and Zamboanga last July 2011, this announcement could be a good news or bad news to your part.

Diablo III on Console - Blizzard is serious about it!

There is no confirmation yet about Diablo III to be developed for consoles but some owners of  Xbox 360 and PS3 were really excited about the game to be played in their favorite consoles. In a Gamescom conference, lead designer Josh Mosqueira said that the company is "very, very serious about bringing the Diablo III experience to console." "Today, we're trying to build the best console team at Blizzard. We're looking for programmers, designers, artists who think their dream job would be to bring Diablo to the console. Trust me, it is a dream job," he said.

Trench Digging

Digging trenches is one of the oldest types of work with both construction and excavating. Prior to World War 2, trenches were dug by hand. As workers dug the trenches deeper, the sides needed to be shored or supported, to keep the walls of the trench from caving in. Following the World War, several innovations were made in backhoes, and trench digging seemed to fade away as a profession. By 1950, hydraulically actuated backhoes were developed, which make it possible to rapidly dig very deep trenches. Resulting from the innovations with backhoes, and because there were no workers inside digging the trenches, the walls no longer needed to be shored.

Black's Beach

Black's Beach is a two mile long, sandy strip of beach located at the base of the majestic cliffs that can be up to 300 foot high. Formally known as Torrey Pines City Beach, it's jointly owned by the City of San Diego and the State of California. There is also a glider port atop the cliff that overlooks the beach where hang gliders and even remote control gliders can be seen soaring. Gaining access to Black's Beach isn't easy due to the high cliffs and lack of stairways. The safest access is from the adjacent beaches to the north and south, although this way may be obstructed by high tides or surf. The cliffs here are unstable as well, and slides can occur anytime, so it's always best to stay away from them. There's no permanent lifeguard station at this beach either. There are some on duty mid day from Spring Break through the end of the October.

Scolex Portal hits 1 Million Pageviews

It's a long struggle since May 2009 and now, Scolex Portal just hit the 1 Million all time pageviews as of the Blogger Stats displayed on August 17, 2011.

Philippine Holidays: August 2011

For the month of August 2011, the confirmed non-working holidays are August 29 (Monday) and August 30 (Tuesday) as announced by Malacañang. August 29 is National Heroes’ Day while August 30 is Eid’l Fitr or the end of Ramadan of our Muslim brothers and sisters. What's your plan for the incoming long weekend?

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie Full Cast

Here is the full list of cast in  Glee: The 3D Concert Movie .

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, Reviews and Rating

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie is a concert documentary shot during the Glee Live! In Concert! summer 2011 tour. The movie is directed by Kevin Tancharoen with the main casts - Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele. Glee: The 3D Concert Movie Reviews/Ratings Here are some of the informal reviews of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie “ One of the worst piece of garbage shows to ever spread it's bile all over TV , and the thing I use as my shining example of why I no longer watch TV , is getting a concert movie. I could go on forever as to why I think they defile classic music , and why it's just a bad show plot wise as well. ” - ragozepi


Excavation is most commonly and best known for a technique within the science of archaeology. The individual types of excavation are known simply as digs to those who participate, with this being an over literal description of the process. An excavation concerns itself with a specific archaeological site or connected series of sites, and may be carried on over a number of years, since the work is normally seasonal. Within the industry of excavation, many more techniques may be utilized, with each dig having its own particular features that may necessitate differences of approach. Resources and other practical issues don't allow archaeologists to carry out excavations whenever and wherever they choose, as many known sites have been deliberately left alone and unexcavated.

Jones Cup 2011 Live Update

To catch Jones Cup 2011 Live Update, you can visit William Jones Cup 2011 Official website I provided on the bottom of this post under the "Related Posts". Updates: August 13, 2011 - Schedule for the Semi Finals Game 1, 3PM: Malaysia vs Japan Game 2, 5PM: Chinese Taipei vs Korea Game 3, 7PM: Smart Gilas Philippines vs Iran

Google plus games (Google+ Games)

Google+ (Google plus) has launched its weapon against Facebook. Nerds in Google's lair know that there is a lot of money to make if they can attract more users to their new social networking site - Google+, so as games appeal more to the FB users, Google+ has also its set of games. Introducing Google+(plus) Games ! What's the difference between Google plus games and Facebook games? Google assured that with Google+ games, those notifications(FB games notifications) won’t show up in the general “stream” of updates users see. So you’ll only run across your friends’ gaming-centered notifications when you go to play a game yourself.

Angry Birds now on Google+(Google plus)

Have you checked your Google+ account? If not, here's a good addition that will surely entice online browser games lovers - Angry Birds on Google+ . With the integration of this game in Google's social networking site - Google+, many online users would come and join the network which is deemed a competitor of today's top social networking site - Facebook. Aside from Angry Birds, there are other popular games to choose from in Google+. As of this post, Zynga Poker and Bejeweled Blitz are also in Google plus.

Sexy Girl Anthem mp3 (free download link)

Sexy Girl Anthem mp3. This is the main subject of the emails and Facebook messages I received from my friends and anonymous individuals who came across this blog. So I start my search for the working download link for Roscoe Dash - Sexy Girl Anthem mp3. I tried my favorite free mp3 download site but the link for Sexy Girl Anthem mp3 is nowhere to find. I search through Google but most of the links pointing to the Sexy Girls Anthem mp3 download are all paid download links.

$10 Internet for Low-Income Families by Comcast

Comcast just answered the prayers of low-income families as it offers a $10 Internet. This program by one of the famous Cable and Internet provider is called Internet Essentials which aims to - provide low-cost access to the Internet and affordable computers as well as digital literacy training to families with children who are eligible to receive free lunches under the National School Lunch Program - according to Comcast blog. Internet service provided through Internet Essentials features download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 384 Kbps. The plan costs $9.95 per month (plus tax) and is available for families that:

Mideo Cruz Artwork - "Poleteismo"

It's a controversial Mideo Cruz' Artwork - "Poleteismo" which became the talk of the nation and triggered debate between the work of art vs religion. "Poleteismo" (Polytheism) is an artistic showcase which mixes Christ with insulting symbols of pop culture. This artwork has called the attention of the prominent personalities in the Philippines like Senator Tito Sotto, Senator Jinggoy Estrada and former first lady Imelda Marcos.

Official Website of 2011 William Jones Cup

So you're following the William Jones Cup 2011? The best place to lurk around is the official website of 2011 William Jones Cup. The website offers valuable info about Jones Cup, News, Charts, Game Info, Replay Videos, Team Info, Player Info, Results and Brilliant Pictures captured during the games which will last until August 14, 2011.

Teen Choice Awards 2011 Winners

Missed to watch the live awarding ceremony of the Teen Choice Awards 2011? Here are the winners as announced on Sunday night, August 7, 2011 in Los Angeles, California and aired live in Manila via Velvet cable channel.

Jones Cup 2011 Live Stream, Game Schedule

Watch Jones Cup 2011 Live Stream  here as the 2011 William Jones Cup kicked off last August 6, 2011 at the Sinjhuang Stadium, New Taipei City, Taiwan. IBC-13 (AKTV) has announced an updated version of the games it will air. Jones Cup 2011 will end on August 14 so don't miss the live action of the game through your browser with the help and courtesy of TV channels which will share the live stream of the said event.

Smart Gilas vs Iran Game Result: Jones Cup 2011

The Smart Gilas Pilipinas basketball team toppled their Iranian opponent, 73-59 at the start of the William Jones Cup 2011 at the Hsinjhuang Stadium in Chinese Taipei.

2NE1 - Ugly (lyrics, music video, mp3 download)

2NE1 has just released a music video of their latest song "Ugly" . In this page, you will find 2NE1 - Ugly lyrics, music video and mp3 download link.

Philippine Dragon Boat Team snatches 5 gold, 2 silver medals at the 2011 Dragon Boat World Championships

The Philippine Dragon Boat Team collected 7 medals (5 Gold, 2 Silver) in the recently concluded 10th International Dragon Boat Federation World Championships in Tampa Bay, Florida. They grabbed the 5th gold in final day of the said competition. As described by Dyan Castillo - “precision paddling, they topped the race and took the gold medal while their opponents had nothing but praise for the Filipinos.” This line was delivered when the Philippine Dragon Boat Team grabbed another gold medal on PDB Team's final campaign on Sunday in the 500-meter men’s division small boat event.

Christopher Lao Official Statement: "I should have been informed"

" I should have been informed! " is now a common phrase revolving around Facebook and Twitter. But Chrisopher Lao defended himself, asked apology, and thanked those who empathized with him during his trying moment. A print screen on the video of Christopher Lao during the interview after the "floating car" incident.

A Proposal Made During Reporter's Liveshot - "Accidentally"?

While a reporter is talking about health, "accidentally" the camera caught a man proposing to a girl. Is this some kind of a staged proposal? Check the video here before leaving your comment in my comment box. Video: Man Proposes During Reporter's Liveshot This is one of the top videos from Yahoo but this has drawn many negative reactions from the people who saw the proposal in the background of reporter's liveshot.

Christopher Lao "Floating Car" Video goes viral

Christopher Lao's "floating car" video has been uploaded on Youtube and now been shared on different Social Networking Sites like Facebook. Furthermore, Christopher Lao became a trending topic in micro blogging site - Twitter. The following are some of the titles of same video uploaded by Youtube users: Christopher Lao: Ang Bobong Sinugod ang Kotse sa Baha Christopher Lao lumutang Christopher Lao "I was not informed. Bakit Ako? Christopher Lao treats car like submarine Christopher Lao Floating Car: Not informed of flood waters in Manila Christopher Lao "I should have been informed!" video

Cebu Pacific 50% Promo for All Destinations - August 4 - 7

Cebu Pacific Promo Banner: Cebu Pacific 50% OFF If you are fond of traveling, then this news is really for you! - Cebu Pacific offers 50% OFF seat sale on all its Domestic and International flights from September 1 to December 14, 2011. The 50% discount promo offered by Cebu Pacific started at around 2 p.m. today (August 4, 2011) and will end on August 7 or until seats last.

Bagyong Kabayan Update (Typhoon Kabayan Update) - August 3, 2011

Typhoon Kabayan Update | Bagyong Kabayan Update (International Name: MUIFA) As of the latest updates issued at 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, August 3, 2011, Typhoon "KABAYAN" has maintained its strength as it moves in a West Northwest direction. According to the weather bulletin issued by PAGASA, at 10:00 a.m., the "eye" of Bagyong Kabayan is located 1,030 km East Northeast of Basco, Batanes with exact coordinates - 24.3°N, 132.4°E. Typhoon Kabayan update: Satellite Picture at 5 p.m., 03 August 2011  As it moves West Northwest, Typhoon Kabayan has a maximum sustained winds of 165 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 200 kph.

Bagyong Lando Updates | Typhoon Lando Updates

Another turbulence in the Philippine atmosphere is being monitored by PAGASA - it's a Low Pressure Area existing in Ilocos Sur the past hours but now developed into Bagyong Lando (Tropical Depression Lando). Bagyong Lando Updates: August 1 Update: As of 2 p.m., Bagyong Lando is no longer a tropical depression. It has weakened into a low pressure area, the PAGASA said.

Dota Ringtones | Killing Tones

Are you a certified DoTA addict? Download the free Dota Ringtones or Dota Killing Tones from the download links I've found through searching the best search engine - Google. Download all the available Dota Ringtones such as First Blood, Unstoppable, Godlike, Wicked Sick, Mega Kill, Beyond Godlike, Killing Spree, Dominating, Triple Kill, Double Kill, Rampage, Ultra Kill, and Monster Kill.