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Wikileaks passes 1,000,000 followers

Just an update of a post that I made 3 minutes ago. I was wrong with my prediction! I thought it would take a day before wikileaks can surpass the 1,000,000 twitter followers but with the tweet a while ago, Wikileaks already had 1,000,216 followers. So fast! I think I already followed Wikileaks in twitter for about a month now but I'm not following of its tweets. But as of this time, as i checked their twitter account, this account can be a good source of intriguing issues about high profile organization. From now on, I will track all the tweets of Wikileaks so that I could also catch any leak that they are going to share.

wikileaks to hit 1M Twitter followers - Will you follow @wikileaks?

It's really close to million! @wikileaks as of this post has 999,713 Twitter followers. Is this the twitter account of a website who infiltrated and exposed some of the top secrets of government agencies and big websites? I'm not really a fan of wikileaks but with the latest tweet, I became curious whether or not this is the original wikileaks.

Scolex Portal Banners

The following is a collection of banners used in promoting Scolex Portal. Most of these banners are designed in Adobe Photoshop. Scolex Portal Banner 468 x 60

SONA 2011 Reaction Paper, Articles, Reflection Paper

After PNoy delivered his SONA on July 25, 2011, many reactions were revealed on Social Networking and micro-blogging sites pertaining to the points stressed or highlighted by President Benigno "NoyNoy" Aquino III. Some were impressed others were dismayed! If you are a high school or college student, it is expected that your teachers in English or Social Studies will surely require you to make a reaction paper or reflection paper based on SONA 2011 of Noynoy Aquino .

Azkals vs Kuwait Game 2 replay

Azkals vs Kuwait Game 2 ended with 1-2 in favor of Kuwait. With this, Azkals lose their chance to qualify in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The 2nd Leg of Philippine Azkals vs Kuwait was played at Rizal Memorial Football Stadium. To watch Azkals vs Kuwait game 2 replay, please don't forget the following schedule: June 29 (Friday) at 3:00 p.m. on BALLS; July 30 (Saturday) at 7:00 a.m. on ABS-CBN; July 31 (Sunday) at 10:00 a.m. on BALLS; August 2 (Tuesday) at 2:00 p.m. on Studio 23.

Bagyong Juaning death toll now 35 - NDRRMC revealed

The death toll caused by Bagyong Juaning or Tropical Storm Juaning (Nock-Ten) has rose to 35 Thursday afternoon, with the latest recorded fatalities coming from the Cordillera Autonomous Region, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council(NDRRMC) said. In a latest update at around 2:00 pm, the NDRRMC also said at least 36 people were reported injured, while 25 people remained missing.

SONA of Noynoy Aquino | Transcript: SONA 2011

Here's the SONA of Noynoy Aquino delivered at the Session Hall of the House of Representatives, Batasan Pambansa Complex, Quezon City on July 25, 2011. State of the Nation Address of His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III President of the Philippines To the Congress of the Philippines Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile; Speaker Feliciano Belmonte; Bise Presidente Jejomar Binay; mga dating Pangulong Fidel Valdez Ramos at Joseph Ejercito Estrada; Chief Justice Renato Corona at ang ating mga kagalang-galang na mahistrado ng Korte Suprema; mga kagalang-galang na kasapi ng diplomatic corps; mga miyembro ng Kamara de Representante at ng Senado; mga Local Government officials; mga miyembro ng ating Gabinete; mga unipormadong kasapi ng militar at kapulisan; mga kapwa ko nagseserbisyo sa taumbayan;

Dog Bites Shark Video spreads like wildfire

This is really an amazing! - Dog Bites Shark video . It is a footage of a dog attacking a shark under water on the Australian coast. This video has become viral after it has been shared on Youtube. It was first featured as a news story, then people shared it in their Facebook wall, and also it has been tweeted millions of times.

Azkals vs Kuwait replay video

I was in Davao City yesterday for an important matter and I missed one of the Philippine Azkals games. The Azkals vs Kuwait game was scheduled July 23 and I really miss the intense football action for the second round of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers which took place Mohammad Al Hamad Stadium in Qadsia. I was on my way home riding a van when i heard that there's an ongoing match between Philippines and Kuwait. What I'm after for this time is to watch Azkals vs Kuwait replay video. Where should I find replay videos on the Philippine Azkals vs Kuwait game?

20th Century Fox to Offer Movie Downloads for Android in October

To those who enjoyed the Android OS, here's another good news for you guys - It's a new movie watching feature for Android in partnership with 20th Century Fox to offer legal movie downloads this coming October. Twentieth Century Fox is the first among film studios to offer movie download on Android devices. Digital Trends made it clear that the service won't exactly allow movies to be downloaded directly to phones. Customers will need to initially buy a physical Blu-ray disc of a Fox movie. Afterward, they will be allowed to download a digital Android-friendly copy of the movie from Fox’s website to a computer, which can then be side loaded onto the Android device.

The 411 on Cat Repellents

If you’ve got unwanted cat visitors, you’re putting your kids or pets at risk. Feral cats can easily lash out at playful kids or spread nasty diseases to your pets. Cat repellents can keep feral cats from entering your yard. Not only are feral cats dangerous, they are also destructive. They’ll dig up your garden, using it as their own personal litter box. They’ll go after the birds at your birdfeeder. And they’ll rummage through your trash in search of food, leaving behind a mess for you to clean up.

DotA 6.63 map download

This page is dedicated for DotA 6.63 map | Dota 6.63 map download. Yes, as one of the DotA players, I know that you are excited for the release of this map that's why I'm making this page to track all the news and updates regarding the development of DotA 6.63 map.

Ethernet Fiber Media Converter

As more and more networks are upgrading to fiber optic internet services, a unique kind of dilemma is emerging. Where the heck do you hook up the fiber optics? After all, to get true fiber optic resolution and fidelity, it should “plug in” directly, not have to be channeled through several connections and devices. However, this is what happens. Often users will have both an Ethernet internet connection as well as a newly installed fiber optic cable connection, often provided by their cable/phone/internet company as a bundled service. A similar situation happens when a telecom company decides to deliver both internet and voice services through fiber optic cables. The phone can easily convert voice signals with the help of a few devices, but the computer that needs to be connected to the internet needs converters, too. After all, there are no personal computers being shipped right now with fiber optic ports; all we get are Ethernet ports. Thus, the need to convert fiber optic tran

Raccoon Repellent Essentials

Raccoons are highly crafty creatures. They’ll wreak havoc on your vegetable garden, help themselves to your garbage cans (leaving a mess for you to clean up) or ransack your birdfeeders. If you find your freshly laid sod rolled up, it’s likely due to a raccoon in search of grub worms. Most destructive during May through September, raccoons are highly adaptable and thrive in both suburban and urban areas. Effective raccoon repellent is essential in preventing destruction. Read this post to find out what you can do to protect your yard, garden and trashcans from raccoon destruction. Raccoon Repellent for Outdoor Use When you want to protect your garden or other areas in your lawn, you can use the granular form of raccoon repellent for perimeter protection or choose a spray version for multi-surface protection. Spray garbage cans and bags to stop raccoons from rummaging through your trash. Spray birdfeeders to stop them from ransacking the feeders. Spray around your yard and gar

Engineered Hardwood Floors are More Economical, Easier to Install

Engineered hardwood flooring is a hybrid surface that is essentially a sandwiching of finished woods with layers of plywood or high-density underneath. Anywhere from three to seven layers constitute the core layers. The core is cross-layered beneath the wooden surface, which provides a number of advantages over plank hardwood flooring. The main advantage of engineered hardwood flooring over its simple hardwood counterpart is that it is more resistant to high moisture levels, meaning it is less prone to warping, cupping. It is also better able to adjust to temperature extremes, which cause expansion and contraction. As hardwoods age, they shrink, but engineered hardwoods do not do so. Because of this characteristic, they may be installed in areas such as damp basements, over radiant heat sources and in tropical climates or in buildings such as cottages or summer homes that are not environmentally controlled all year. The actual structure of engineered hardwood flooring actually add

How to Kill Ants in your Bathroom?

When you have ants in your house, you need to get the infestation under control quickly. While you might typically find ants in the kitchen, you can also find them in your bathroom. To successfully kill ants, you need to find them first. There are plenty of places people overlook, places ants can be found taking refuge. While you may want to know how to exterminate ants, you need to start by knowing how to find them. Read this post for places you may not think to look within your bathroom, places the ants are calling home.

Making Money on Twitter to Improve Your Financial Position

There are different methods of making money on Twitter . Some want to use the site for fun, while others want to use it as a platform for marketing their products or even direct financial gain. Since money-making is the premise of many, it does not hurt to know a thing or two on how to go about it. Advertisement is one of the many ways of making money on Twitter. The huge number of people who are able to see the advertisements makes this a particularly lucrative market. If you own a business, you will go for direct marketing. In this case, you earn money indirectly from sales of your products or services.

If You Don’t Have an Effective Skunk Repellent Now, You’ll Regret it Later

Skunks are unique animals. Catlike in behavior, they actually come from the mephitidae family and are closely related to ferrets, weasels, otters and badgers. Skunks aren’t just smelly; they can also be destructive and dangerous. This post will explain why you need an effective skunk repellent to keep these creatures out of your yard. Skunks are Smelly Diggers and Can Be Dangerous Skunks have long front claws for digging. They dig holes in lawns in search of grubs and worms. They also will help themselves to your garden, eating roots, leaves and grasses. They are known to burrow under porches or buildings. They enter through foundation openings. Aside from their ability to dig destruction in your yard, they also leave behind their infamously foul odor. Used as a defense mechanism, they can spray as far as 16 feet and often hit their target, as they have a high degree of accuracy with their spray.

Electric Fence Wire: Vital Info Before Planning to Buy One

Before you sit down to plan your electric fence, there are few things you should know about electric fence wire. This post contains helpful information that will come in handy when you begin planning for your electric fence. Electric Fence Wire: Higher the Number, Smaller the Gauge While this may be common knowledge, plenty of people get confused by this. When talking about wire gauge, the smaller the number means the larger the wire. Most electric fences are between 15- and 17-gauge. Typically they are made out of steel or aluminum.

DotA 6.71b AI map download (aka VENGEANCE)

DotA players of my small computer shop requested me to download the latest DotA AI map because they were tired of playing the previous AI version which is the DotA 6.70c AI. It's good to know that the DotA 6.71 AI version is already released. The complete label of the map: DotA 6.71b AI aka VENGEANCE .

5 Reasons Every Workplace Should Run an Anger Management Course

Anger is just like stress: everyone experiences it, on some level or another, but not everyone knows how to handle it. Anger can be an unpredictable emotion – and a very powerful one, at that. It is a common cause of road rage accidents, highly-publicized disputes, and violent acts of terrorism. But, what about the anger that we deal with on a daily basis? What about anger at the workplace? Even if workplace anger is less explosive, it is in no way less destructive. It undoubtedly affects not only employee performance, but overall business operations. Here are five reasons every workplace should run an anger management course:

Instilling a Love for Learning by Expanding Their Educational World

Experts in early childhood education are in agreement that the first few years of life are the most crucial in terms of mental, physical and emotional development. Providing a rich, vibrant environment for preschool-aged children is vital to their future success in the academic arena and can ensure that they develop attitudes and habits that will help them achieve more in every aspect of their lives. Preschools and learning centers can provide a great deal of support to parents in this regard; however, bringing the learning experience into the home environment can help instill the idea that education is a lifelong process and not confined to formal education. Online preschool sites can provide a fun, easy-to-use way to get children excited about learning and invested in the educational process.

3 Best Shop Shelving Systems

Shop shelving is one of the most important methods for businesses owners to organise and arrange their expensive stock in order that visitors to their stores can safely negotiate their outlets and find the goods they want to buy. Not only that, they are a great way to display items that otherwise might not be found if they were left packed away in their boxes so that no-one can see them. There is such a huge variety of shop shelves on offer that there is without doubt a solution for everyone. Here are 3 of the best shop shelving systems (and their respective benefits) for all shop owners to consider for use in their stores:

The 45 Seconds That Will Change Your Life

Multilevel marketing has often been viewed as the opportunity of a lifetime. There are several reason as to why people are so fond of the idea of multilevel marketing. Unfortunately, many people have doubts as far as job stability is concerned. The great thing about MLM opportunities is that you can work as much as you want for as long as you want, making all the money you need to support a luxurious, comfortable lifestyle. There are various programs on the market that provide plenty of information as to why someone should become involved in MLM. The reasons are apparent. First and foremost, you get to spend more time with your family. Most jobs do not allow you to spend more time with your family, but rather, work you to death at an hourly rate. The majority of jobs do not pay people well enough to support their families. What's even more unfortunate is that most jobs do not provide people with the opportunity for growth.

Build Your Credit, Grow Your Business

You may be familiar with some of the struggles that accompany individuals with poor credit. From high interest rates to assuming a role as a high risk to creditors, negative credit ratings can sometimes be crippling, hindering many of the hopes that are associated with the American Dream. Although individuals can be plagued by bad credit, your business can endure similar hardships if credit is not built properly or if poor credit characterizes it. Because finances are so important to businesses, whether yours is just getting its start or experiencing growth, obtaining a positive credit score and building your business's credit history can be a vital aspect of growing your company as a whole and taking the next leap in your journey. Similarly to an individual, if your business has poor or no credit history, you may have to bite the bullet and obtain higher interest or high fee loans as you work toward improving your financial situation.

FarmTown Recent Updates

Hello FarmTown fanatics, how's your farming? For those who have stopped playing the game for a week or two, you will surely miss the latest updates in FarmTown. Honestly, I already stopped playing FarmTown for almost two months now. I only heard the news that the game has updated through my inbox.

The Most Popular Phone App: Video Games

It turns out mobile phone users are spending more time than ever using their phones for mobile video gaming. Nielson's latest research has revealed an interesting bit of information about smartphone app consumers--particularly iPhone users. It turns out games are the most popular application used by smartphone consumers, with 64% listing them as the most popular app they've used on their phone in the last month. Following games is weather apps, used by 60%, social networking apps like Skype and Facebook with 56%, navigation and GPS apps at 51% and music apps like Pandora at 44%. With games, weather, social networking, navigating, news and music apps making the top of the popularity list, other apps such as health (13%), household and personal care (6%), education and learning (11%) and productivity (21%) round out the bottom.

Apple - Third Largest PC merchant in US

Apple was declared the third among the giant vendors in PC industry in the US, as reported by Mashable based on the data gathered from Gartner (July 2011) and IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker as of July 13, 2011.

Online Shopping, Ten of the Best Safety Tips When Buying Children’s Products Online

The internet is a great place to shop online for children, as it has a huge amount of unique products and a whole heap of savings available for the clever consumer. However many people fail to take advantage of the many benefits that the internet offers, mainly due to the worries associated with online crime, and the hands off approach to shopping. With that in mind, we decided to write a guide to safely buying children’s products online, so that you can take advantage of the internet’s wealth of opportunities and savings. Here are the ten best safety tips:

Small Business Blogging Tips

To blog or not to blog? If you're a business owner who wants to connect with customers, generate new business and be recognized as a leader in your category, blogging is a must. And while TV spots, print ads and flyers are costly, setting up and maintaining a blog is free. Here are five simple tips to make your blog engaging and your business grow as a result. Include a brief "About Us" section that tells your reader about your business. You are a person selling to people; let them know why you started doing what you do and how your business will help them. Do you sell, service and repair bikes? Let your reader know that your fascination with bikes started as soon as your dad took the training wheels off your two-wheeler. And your knack for repairing bikes has been a big plus, especially when you blew a tire on that ride on the Grand Canyon's South Rim. Telling your story online starts a relationship with a reader, and this connection may turn that reader into a cus

My First Nuffnang Earnings Cash Out

It's more than a month now after I've reached the minimum earnings of P2,000 from Nuffnang and today, I already processed my Nuffnang earnings for cashout. After almost 2 years of being a Nuffnang blogger, it's time to receive the fruit of blogging from Nuffnang. The amount is not that big but this earning is a proof that we can make money online by blogging .

The Ins and Outs of a Data Center

There are many benefits in working with a San Francisco data center to keep all your information secure and accessible, considering the prime location near Silicon Valley and a major metropolitan area that a number of large global corporations call home. The data center is one of the most important aspects of a modern business. These central hubs of information house everything from telecommunications to storage systems to computer systems for their clients. With a data center in a prime location like San Francisco, you can expect that your data will be handled and stored securely, with an expert’s touch and using only the leading technologies. Why a Data Center, and Why San Francisco? Many different types of data can be stored at a San Francisco datacenter. Whether you need business data, customer-related data or operational data stored, this is the safest, most convenient and most secure way to do it. Of course, you could always develop your own data storage center in-house, but m

Organizational Structures

Organizational Structures             The definition of organizational structure is the task of reporting relationships that controls, coordinates, and motivates employees so that they cooperate to achieve and organization’s goals formally. Organizational structure is the way an organization arranges their employees and jobs so that work can be done properly and all goals can be met. Formal structure may not always be necessary under certain circumstances. For instance, when the work group is small and frequently has face-to-face communication with their customers. In a case such as this, formal structure is not needed. In larger organization, there will come a time where decisions have to me made about the various tasks that need to be handled. In these situations is where organizational structure is determined. The best organizational structure for any organization depends on many factors including the work it does; its size in terms of employees, revenue, and the geographic dispersi

Super Science - A Science Song

Everybody loves music! With the experiences I have in teaching earth science , I learned that one way of motivating students to learn the subject is through introducing science songs . One of the songs that I've shared with my students is entitled " Super Science ". This song is in the tune of one of the famous songs of Five For Fighting, Superman.

7.1 Earthquake hits northern coast of Japan

From CNN: - Another major earthquake hit Japan Sunday, on its northern coast which prompted tsunami warnings on nearby coastal regions, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said. Based from the report of Japan news agency Kyodo, there were no immediate reports of injuries and damages.

South Sudan declared as the world's newest nation

Early Saturday morning (July 8, 2011), South Sudan has been declared the world's newest nation and now officially separated from Sudan after two civil wars over five decades that cost the lives of at least 2 million people. The newest nation is officially known as the Republic of South Sudan.

Ghost Car ready to be auctioned, it's a 1939 Plexiglas Deluxe Six

We heard a weird news that a ghost car, 1939 Plexiglas Deluxe Six, which is one of the the two available "ghost cars" in the world is now ready to be auctioned RM Auction in Michigan on July 3. The price could fetch up to $475,000(approximately P20M).

League of Legends maps

This page will give every LoL player an overview of League of Legends maps . Unlike DoTA, LoL currently has two maps to choose from during a game. I am pretty sure as this game became popular to online gamers, there are many more LoL maps will be released soon and be implemented in the game. Just follow this page for any news and updates regarding the latest map or map under-development for League of Legends .

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

Here's my entry to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. This writing project is on its 5th year which started on 2007. It aims in identifying new and emerging blogs who are making an impact on its readers in 2011. For more info about the contest please check this: The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project .

Hackers Attack Apple: The Latest Online Security Attack

What's the latest news in terms of online security? Hackers target Apple to be the next victim of online security attack. According to Huffington Post, the group AntiSec, published a message on Twitter last Sunday claiming that they hacked and gained access to private data from an Apple Inc Server. The document shared on the internet contained several user names and passwords. Here's a line from Wall Street Journal: The hackers said in a statement posted to Twitter that they had accessed Apple's systems due to a security flaw used in software used by the Cupertino, Calif.-based gadget maker and other companies. In a tweet, #AntiSec posted: " #Apple could be target, too. But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere ".

iPhone 5 and iPad 3 arriving in October

I prefer to wait the latest of the latest. It's so disgusting that, what you bought today will become obsolete tomorrow. When you buy today the specs are good, but when a new model comes out of the market you realized that your gear wasn't good enough to match up with the new one. These electronic companies enslaved all people for a profit. There's no ending in buying until we realized that we invest in nothing but a crap. It's a money down the drain. You might also like: Locate your iPhone on a map I think Apple is getting too excited with rapid product releasing. The last round of iDevices included a front facing camera. With was actually something that could have been introduced prior. Apple is simply recreating it's products with a minor (Unnoticeable, in some cases) specification upgrades. The iPhone 4 is still a top selling phone, so I don't understand why Apple feels the need to fix (replace) something that isn't broken. The only the release of a

Wallpaper designed in Adobe Photoshop plus Photoshine

I've planned to publish photoshop tutorials in this blog but due to very slow internet connection, I have hard time uploading pics in my blog. For now, i just want to share this wallpaper designed with the help of Adobe Photoshop and Photoshine.

Who's the father of Andi Eigenmann's baby?

On Wednesday, June 28, Jaclyn Jose confirmed in an interview with "TV Patrol" that indeed, Andi Eigenmann is pregnant. Because of that news, a question has been asked: Who's the father of Andi's baby?

Filipino Bill Gates believes in Pinoy talents

Dubbed as the " Filipino Bill Gates " and a Filipino Silicon Valley hero, Diosdado "Dado" Banatao encouraged investors to start tapping Filipino and technology experts and start promoting their technology locally. Banatao said it's just a "matter of time" before the local business sector can grow, powered by technology that is locally-made. “If we continue the way we do things, time would be forever. We have to change how we do things…how we put knowledge into the brains of talented students,” he said. “We should attack [the hang-ups]…that ‘it’s hard to do, we don’t know how to compete, etc."

3 Nintendo 3DS Games Worth Owning

Like most new video game hardware the 3DS having just launched is in the awkward phase - not very many games are available yet. Also like most gaming hardware the 3DS’s launch titles largely leave a lot to be desired. If you are an early adopter who decided to buy the handheld early or if you received it as a gift here are 3 Nintendo 3DS games that are worth your time and money.

League of Legends hacks | LoL hacks

As one of the computer game addicts, I really know what are the needs of some players especially if there's a new game being introduced. If you like DoTA, 65% chance is, you will also love playing League of Legends (LoL). If you already played the game and experienced being bullied by others during the game, you will certainly on your way of finding League of Legends hack or LoL hack that would serve as your secret tool in your plan of making a revenge.