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CityVille Hack to the Extreme

CityVille is indeed the most popular games Zynga has ever created. It has eclipsed FarmVille's popularity and gravity in terms of social gaming. More than 75 million people are now busy building homes, business establishments, and gathering some coins and experiences to be able to build a supreme city.

Zynga's CityVille is Bigger than FarmVille

Are you following Zynga's "Ville" games in Facebook? Here's an update especially for CityVille and FarmVille players - CityVille is more than 25 percent bigger than FarmVille. It is really a mind-blowing fact because CityVille is just a new gaming face in the world of social gaming. Let's take a look with the genesis of the game. Zynga's CityVille was released on December 2, 2010 and on it's first 24 hours as one of the game-apps in Facebook, over 290,000 FB users had already played CityVille. After 3 days, it pulled at around 3 million active users. Then your cell phone rung and answered it, as you checked the current players, wow! it's 6 million. How fast-growing this city building game!

First 5 HoN Players in Mati Davao Oriental

2010 is almost over, some game addicts were still trying to get free Garena HoN Beta Keys . In Mati, Davao Oriental, i have known the 1st five players who were able to grab the elusive beta key. These players are playing Heroes of Newerth from my friend's internet cafe - EXTREME Internet Cafe.

DotA 6.68c AI at Beta Stage, Waiting AI plus

Want to practice and learn the positive and negative of new heroes and items in DotA 6.68? The long wait is over because you gonna play now against Artificial Intelligence or AI. Here's DotA 6.68c AI still not a stable version but you will really enjoy playing with and against with AI. This version is a beta version brought to you by PBMN - PleaseBugMeNot.

Logo Designed Using Adobe Photoshop | Logo Making Contest

This is my entry to Logo Making Contest in Digital Forums. I hope could be one of the winners.

Smart Broadband UNLISURF 50 - 1-day Unlimited Surfing

I was not aware that Smart Broadband Prepaid Internet now offers one-day unlimited surfing through their promo Smart UNLISURF 50 . Globe SUPERSURF50 and Sun Cellular 1-day Unlimited surfing were the "early birds" in giving their customer uninterrupted surfing for as low as P50. It's more than 6 months now that i never used my Smart Bro Prepaid Kit because the place where i've been working has very poor SMART GPRS signal so i choose to have Globe Tattoo. But as i spend my Christmas vacation in my home barangay, i have no other choice than to use my SMARTBRO Kit because our barangay can only intercept SMART signal. It's good to know that with only 50-pesos i can surf the net whole day long with its promo SMART UNLISURF 50 . If you want to avail the 1-day unlimited internet promo brought to you by Smart Telecommunications, then it's your time to register.

Advance Faster with CityVille Cheats

Another Zynga game that attracted a lot of Facebook users is a city building genre game - CityVille. This new social game breaks all previous records set by other Facebook games as it pulled 290,000 players on its first day defeating the record set by FrontierVille and FarmVille. As of the first week of December 2010, it has been announced that approximately more than 2.7 million CityVille homes have been built by 1.2 million active users(MAU). As of this time, around 50% of those players are searching for CityVille Cheats so as to adapt a fast-pacing world in building a powerful virtual city.

CityVille Tips and Tricks to help you Build a Powerful City

Have you started running your own city in CityVille? As newbie player of this new Zynga game, you may be wondering how you can manage your city so as to develop into a super city. And along with those thoughts in mind, you are now scouring the entire web for CityVille Tips and Tricks that will help you dominate in CityVille . If you are playing FarmTown, FarmVille, and FrontierVille, those experiences you have gained in playing those mentioned games will somehow guide you in establishing a powerful city in CityVille.

AVG antivirus 9.0 for best security

AVG Technologies , formerly Grisoft has released its newest version of AVG Anti-virus and AVG Internet Security. It's latest version is the AVG anti-virus 9.0 and AVG Internet Security 9.0. With the new AVG antivirus 9.0 , users will experience its faster scanning speed, offers more safety for users who are fond of downloading music, videos and photos over the internet; and and a user-friendly interface.

Play Online Bingo at No Deposit Bingo Sites to Make Money Online

Are you lucky with "number games"? You can really earn true money by playing online bingo ! - another chance to earn money online at no deposit bingo sites. This gaming blog is not exclusive for online PC games, video games, and internet flash games. This will also feature any online games available like online bingo, online poker and similar games.

Adlesse Lite Turns Google Ads to Wiki and Bing

Google is indeed the best search engine running in the web. It will help you find the answer to every query you have in mind, it will guide you to the best online resources that can solve problems you have encountered - offline or online, and it will direct you to relevant pages you are looking for. For bloggers, especially those who are neophyte in this online venture, Google is a free online tool that will satisfy your curiosity. But if you are not well-oriented how Google displays every query that you typed in the Google's search box, you will get confused because some of the results displayed in Search Engine Results Page(SERP) are misleading - they are advertisement or ads for short.

Trademarkia Clears the Networks from Social Media Impostors

Annoyed by social media impostors? Trademarkia is extending its helping hand to all companies as it launched a service that will check whether someone is impersonating a certain company in different social networks.

WordPress 3.0.3 Download For Free

Are you running your blog through Then, you must download the latest update which is WordPress 3.0.3 . This version is another security update from previous updates that have been released like WordPress 3.0.1 and WordPress 3.0.2.

League of Legends Wallpapers

Are you one of those League of Legends(LoL) fanatics who are fond of collecting League of Legends wallpapers? You are not alone. I'm also collecting high-resolution wallpapers of this DoTA-like game.

Sun Cellular 1-day Unlimited Internet for Php50

Unlimited internet offers are now the "IN" thing when it comes to mobile internet access and Sun Cellular is well-equipped to join the race against leading companies like Smart and Globe. For only 50-pesos(Php50), you can enjoy unlimited internet for 1 day.