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Too Much SEO Will Kill Your Blog - Black Hat SEO|Keyword Hijacking

Are you looking for some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and tricks? Don't read this post if you want your blog to die a natural death! Warning: Too much SEO will kill your blog! - The dangers of black hat SEO. It has been a proven fact that too much of anything is dangerous. If you eat too much, there's a danger of obesity or high blood pressure. Queen was indeed right as their song conveyed - " Too Much Love Will Kill You ". Too much intake of alcoholic beverage is hazardous to health. Too much online gaming is dangerous to your studies (if you are a student). Finally, in bloggers' point of view - Too much search engine optimization will somehow ruin and eventually kill your blog.

FarmVille cheats, hacks, tricks and tips | farmville cheats

Farmers are now cheating? Though FarmVille is older than FrontierVille, many new players are stumbling into the game. Some of them are very well-guided on what to do in their online farming activity, others are still confused on what to do to make a best farm. There are no actual cash rewards or incentives in making your farm big and the richest among other farms in the Farmville game database, but millions of players are competing to be on the top that's why some of them are making use of FarmVille cheats, hacks, or tricks they have learned from their friends or through searching the world wide web. In this post, I will try my best to give my gaming friends and other internet-game fanatics out there with the latest Farmville cheats and hacks. I will also give links to other posts or blogs offering those cheats, hacks and tricks in FarmVille.

FarmVille Secrets Revealed - Get Your Own Guide!

If you're having trouble getting a hang of the way of things in FarmVille , you're not alone. I know of quite a few people who got into the game expecting it to be easy as pie and were quickly frustrated. In fact, I was one of them. So I went looking for a guide to help me master the farming life .

FarmVille Lends the Top Spot to Phrases

FarmVille no longer the number 1 Facebook apps with recent data generated through AppData. The top spot or number one slot on the line of Facebook applications was now given to "Phrases".

Top 5 Facebook apps

Just recently, Farmville has been dethroned as the king of all Facebook apps. With the recent change in the Facebook app ranking as determined by AppData, just take a look on the top five Facebook application as of November 22, 2010.

I've Reached Two of My Blog Targets

Setting goals for a blog is a big help for newbie and advanced bloggers. With the targets or goals that i've set, i can see that my blog is evolving in the blogosphere. Though the evolution is slow but at least i can see that there are improvements in my blogging career.

Grand Lotto 6/55 Winner

PCSO's Grand Lotto 6/55 has become the talk of Lotto players here in the Philippines. In our school, the teachers were discussing on: What IFs? What if i hit the jackpot prize of more than half a billion? Many plans are cluttered on the their mind.

Know the Bloggers' Best Friend

Have you met your blogging friends? How about your best friend in this blogging venture? Most bloggers made themselves known by writing unique contents in their blog. Some became famous because they shared what they have learned in blogging. Few have become rich because they invested time, effort and money in branding themselves so that the whole blogosphere will know them.

Mafa TD Queen Cheats

Mafa TD Queen cheats are listed here. But there's a limitation when you can use them. Just use these cheats for fun and for exploring  different Mafa TD Queen maps  in order to unravel the secrets in winning the game. Hello tower defense games fanatics! Do you love playing Mafa TD Queen? I bet you get addicted with this TD game. How many attempts you have tried so far to complete the game by solo mode or team mode? If you already reach at least 20 attempts and still failed after all, maybe at this point time you are tempted in using Mafa TD Queen cheats .

Digital Literacy Training

It's good to be one of the trainers of Digital Literacy Training conducted in selected secondary schools of Davao Oriental (District 2). The participants were very cooperative and willing to learn the basic of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

How to Summon 2 Spirit Bears | Dota 6.69b bug

For those who are following every newly released maps for DotA allstars especially in YouTube DoTA channels, maybe you are already aware about DotA 6.69b bug. This bug in recent DoTA map is popularly known as Lone Druid's Spirit Bear bug in DotA v6.69b . If you are an abusive player, you can summon 2 Spirit Bear which will give you 6 inventory slots, lane pushing advantage and increasing the chance to entangle an enemy player.

Custom Scrubs or Nursing Uniforms | Medical Scrubs and Uniforms

While browsing the net and attending my virtual farm in FarmTown, one of my students before who is already in college ask me to comment about her " My Nursing Uniform " link in her Facebook's wall. Honestly, I do not have any idea about uniforms related to medical courses or jobs but I became curious when she asked me if I have known some websites about medical scrubs and uniforms .

League of Legends Champions

A complete list of League of Legends Champions can be found in this gaming blog. Some searches for keywords like: League of Legends Heroes, League of Legends Characters, League of Legends champions list, League of Legends Characters List, League of Legends Character List. All those searches point to one common search query which is the League of Legends Champions.