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Terran vs Zerg Strategy - Preparing for the Zergling Rush

Have you tried playing Terran vs Zerg in StarCraft 2 ? Did your strategy work well? Maybe you are disappointed in your first attempt to play as Terran with an enemy Zerg because you were not able to prepare for the Zerg rush. Zerg players rely with the opening game Zerg strategy - the Zergling rush. If you did not anticipate the rush, you will end up losing your game within the first 5 - 10 minutes of the game. If you survived the rush, then you are lucky.

Shokz StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide - The Complete SC2 Mastery Guide

I'm back in my gaming mode this time. I'm in good mood because i already found the best StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide - Shokz StarCraft 2 Mastery Guide. For the past weeks after StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was released for retail, I have heard many players talking and twitting about StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide. I've been into different StarCraft forums participating about SC2 strategy but I always get the wrong details and I cannot withstand a single player 1 on 1 game vs AI in StarCraft 2. I previously thought that i could still use the old strategies that i learned from the previous version of StarCraft, but i was completely wrong. The AI now thinks like a real human player. In my few attempts to win a game versus AI, my goals is not actually winning since i knew that the game is difficult. My first objective then, is to withstand a game for at least 20 minutes but that objective was not easy because the AI player always sent attackers to my base. For 3 attempts, i faile

Miss Universe 2010 Winners | List of Miss Universe 2010 Winners

For the benefit of those who were not able to watch the Miss Universe 2010 live pageant, here's a list of Miss Universe 2010 Winners . Maybe this post is off-topic for my blog, but it is the in-demand query in search engine so i tried and would like to help those who are in need of the information about the recently concluded Miss Universe 2010 pageant.

StarCraft 2 Map Hack | StarCraft 2 Hacks | SC2 map hack

 I received an email, from an avid follower of this blog, asking me if I have found a StarCraft 2 hacks or StarCraft 2 map hack so i decided to search through the net about a working StarCraft 2 hack for the retail version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty not the SC2 Beta version.

BlizzCon 2010 Contests and Prizes Revealed

BlizzCon 2010 , Blizzard’s massive annual event – the celebration of all things Blizzard -  is a bit more than two months away, scheduled for October 22nd. During the wait, Blizzard is offering a few opportunities for its fans to win good money by putting their creative side to use – offering big prizes in Fan Art, Movie and Music contests.

StarCraft 2 Guide | SC2 Guide | StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide

I'm pretty sure you are now get addicted to StarCraft 2. This game calls for quick judgment in every situation likewise a nice planning of your gameplay. Some SC2 players were able to reach the top rank in Diamond rank) because they had explored the game very well. While others made it to the top because they were guided by some StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide or SC2 Guide that are now dominating the world of StarCraft 2 gamers.

StarCraft 2 Soars PC Game Sales, Slightly Reducing Console Game Sales

Overall U.S. console game sales shrank 1 percent in July, continuing a weak trend that has persisted for much of the year. But sales of StarCraft II, which went on sale on July 27, were so strong that PC game sales rose 103 percent during the month. That game helped push the overall console and PC game sales for July to 4 percent growth, according to market researcher NPD Group.

Naruto 506 English Spoilers|Naruto Manga 506|Naruto 506 Chapter

You landed on this page because you are searching for Naruto 506 Spoilers, Naruto 506 Manga , Naruto 506 English Spoilers or Naruto 506 Chapter . As of this time, there was no confirmed date as of the release of the much anticipated Naruto 506 Spoilers, Naruto Manga 506, Naruto 506 Chapter or Naruto 506 English Spoilers. For those who are wondering why until now those Naruto 506 related stuffs were still not available, it is because of the Obon Festival in Japan.

StarCraft 2 Ending Cinematic | Ending Sequence

The StarCraft 2 Ending Cinematic is really great. The graphics is really a high-rate 3D. At first look, i thought they were real people (actors and actress) of the game. Now i know why the StarCraft 2 package is almost 10 GB and requires a good gaming PC in order for you to play the game with full excitement and satisfaction.

Blogging Guide - Setting Goals for a Blog

 Through research and hopping from blog to blog especially those blogs that talked about blogging guide and how to make money online by blogging , I've come to a point of setting a goal for my gaming blog. Having a blog with a goal or goals will somehow give you (as blogger) a clearer vision of your blog's future in the world wide web. I also learned from a famous blogger John Chow that at the very start of your blogging venture, you should have outlined the goals or targets for your blog. The following are the goals for my blog: Increase Alexa Ranking . My current Alexa Rank during this post is 391,949 and my target is get to 100,00 Alexa Rank or even lower number (the lower the number the better). This blog has made a big leap in terms of Alexa Ranking because from approximately 3,000,000 during April 2010, i made it to be at 1,220,190 on June 20, 2010 and at present - 391,949. This big leap for my blog can be compared on my alexa rank story .

Microsoft Arc Mouse - A foldable wireless mouse

Have you seen all kinds of mice? If your answer is YES, come to think again! Microsoft introduced its new Arc mouse, a unique mouse you've probably not seen in your technology-bounded life. This new mouse from Microsoft is aptly called " Arc ", the device which has the sleek and sexy contours of an arc.

Terran Up The Night | Videos, Lyrics, mp3 download

Terran Up the Night is a song by Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain, a band made of Blizzard employees. It is their first song inspired by the StarCraft universe and was first performed at the World Wide Invitational in Paris on 29 June 2008. The song is played during the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty end credits. It is also a hidden track on the jukebox in the cantina which can be accesed by entering the cheat code "overengineeredcodpiece".

FV TouchCam N1 - A Solution for HD Video Calling or Chatting

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA . All opinions are 100% mine. Information and Communication Technology(ICT) is really moving fast and the breakthrough in Video Calling or Video Chatting is one of the evidences. Video Chat as it is commonly called is an innovative technology that allows two or more parties to communicate through a two-way video and audio transmission.

StarCraft 2 Cheats | SC2 Single Player Cheat Codes - StarCraft 2 Cheats

You want to win the game against AI so you really wanted Starcraft 2 Cheats! Right now, as you started exploring StarCraft 2 Campaign, you will really get hooked with the game and wish you could finish the campaign for a short period of time with less effort. With that objective in mind, your wish is to find StarCraft 2 Single Player Cheats or SC2 Single Player Cheat Codes or SC2 cheats. The following are some SC2 cheats you can use when playing StarCraft 2 Campaign: