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StarCraft 2 System Requirements | StarCraft II System Requirements

If you did not receive my gaming update about the release of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, you are missing some portion of your gaming life. But it's not too late, Scolex Portal will guide you towards the new version of StarCraft - the StarCraft II labeled now as "Wings of Liberty". Beforehand, it's a requisite to know the StarCraft 2 System Requirements so that you won't get frustrated with your gaming experience with StarCraft 2. Knowing the system requirements of StarCraft2 will also guide you in buying a new computer or upgrading the old one.

How to Crack Starcraft 2|Cracked SC2.exe and Map Editor

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty is finally released and all StarCraft fanatics around the globe are rushing to grab their official licensed copy of the game. But there are other players who do not want to pay just to get the original copy, instead they resort to getting the cracked version of the game. As StarCraft becomes the talk of the gamers' world today, crackers are also in their way and giving those who wanted to get the copy for free - Cracked SC2.exe and map editor .

Nintendo Seals Partnership With Kellogg's

Nintendo announced its partnership with Kellogg's in promoting DSi online experience. Nintendo-Kellogg's partnership will give families a fun way to Power Up their breakfast and their summer.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty | StarCraft 2 Release Date

It's official! The release date for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is on July 27, 2010. For all Starcraft followers, the wait is almost over. This game is indeed a very nice and addictive strategy game. StarCraft was the first PC game that hooked my attention and consumed most of my time during my college days. It was on my first year in college when i first encounter the game StarCraft. During that time, the famous LAN games aside from Starcraft were: Delta Force and Diablo 2. StarCraft II is designed to be the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game. The three races Protoss, Zerg and Terran are back into action. What's new in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty? Each race will be further distinguished from others. Several new units New gameplay mechanics New abilities for some classic Starcraft units Starcraft 2 features a custom 3D-graphics engine Each chapter in Starcraft II focuses on the specific faction of the Starcraft war. More story content More characte

Tokio Hotel Dark Side of the Sun lyrics

One of the followers of this blog is expecting Tokio Hotel's Dark Side of the Sun to be part of Myx International Top 20. And finally, Tokio Hotel made it to the top 20 occupying # 14 spot in the chart for July 17-23, 2010. If you are looking for Tokio Hotel - Dark Side of the Sun lyrics , here it is:

2 Different Tears by Wonder Girls | lyrics, mp3, video download

2 Different Tears by Wonder Girls is going up in music charts like Myx International and Billboard. If you are searching for 2 Different Tears - Wonder Girls lyrics, mp3, video downloads | Two Different Tears by Wonder Girls - lyrics, mp3, and video download then, you are on the right page. This music and gaming blog will provide you a one-stop surf about lyrics, mp3, music videos/MV of 2 Different Tears by the Korean group Wonder Girls.

My Blog is Top 3 in TopBlogs Ranking

One of my wishes for this blog is now coming true right before your eyes - Scolex Portal is currently occupying the 3rd spot in TopBlogs ranking under the category video games . It is really my wish to be on the top 10 or top 5 but as of now, i surpassed that goal as my blog ranked 3rd. In another ranking site that i joined which is the Blogtopsites , i'm at 25 to 30 spot (not stable) and my goal is to get to the top 10.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game Wii Games

As if you are in a " Time Machine " and go back to your childhood days! Toy Story 3: The Video is now available as one of the fascinating and addicting wii games. In this game, players can choose from 2 great ways to play - the Story Mode and the Toy Box Mode.

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii) Reviews

Scolex Portal will provide all wii games followers with the latest reviews about Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii) . These reviews about this shooting game ranges from personal experiences or hands-on experiences about the game to the historic background of the games from other gaming consoles. Let's hear and evaluate what these reviews have something in common to say about the Wii version of Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii) Review from IGN: Treasure has been making some of the most intense action games around since the early '90s when it first wowed us with Gunstar Heroes on the SEGA Genesis. Silhouette Mirage, Bangai-O, Ikaruga... these guys know how to deliver hardcore thrills. Now they've brought their signature run-and-gun-for-your-life gameplay to the Wii with Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. A sequel to a cult Nintendo 64 game that was only released in Japan (although it is now available on the Virtual Conso

Tetris Party Deluxe - Reviewed at IGN

Looking for a comprehensive Tetris Party Deluxe Review ? Yes! as this new game emerges as one of the latest games in Wii, more Wii game players are searching for a good review regarding this new game in wii version. The review will guide the wii gamers whether or not the game will satisfy their gaming appetite.

Skid Mk cheats, hacks, tips, tricks and exploits

As Skid Mk been introduced to online gamers, many players of this new flash racing game are looking for Skid Mk cheats, Skid Mk hacks, Skid Mk tips, Skid Mk tricks, and Skid Mk game exploits hoping to gain advantage over other players and be able to finish the game the shortest possible time with the highest possible score.

SocialSpark - Offers Make Money Online Opportunities

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA . All opinions are 100% mine. I've been looking for some good opportunity to make money online through my blog. During the last three months, i was busy making a research on how to increase my pagerank, alexa rank and traffic. With that, i was surprised that my blog traffic sky-rocketed and reached at least 1,000 unique visitors a day. But with that traffic, i was not able to monetize my blog. My previous and current CPC ad networks that i tried for my blog are not working well.

Fast and Easy Ways to Get One Way Backlinks

In my first article regarding backlinks, i've revealed how to get one-way backlinks for free . Those ways that i've provided really take time before they make good effects for your blog. For me, it takes almost half a year to see the results and now i'm enjoying the additional traffic because of those one way backlinks. If you are really serious about your online business and you want to dominate search engine results page (SERP) faster and easier, here are the links useful for you so that you can get one way backlinks in fast and easy ways. You've decided to make the process fast and easy, but there is a little money involve in this method or strategy of building backlinks. The methods will surely sky-rocket your website or blog traffic for a short span of time. You need not to wait for 6 months to see the effects.

How I Learned Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

I've been active for this gaming blog for about 7 months now. I'm really a newbie in this online venture but i discovered a lot of things that helped me in order for this blog to grow. One of the best things that i learned about blogging is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) .

Twitter is Over Capacity

I want to make tweets on the recent posts that i have made just this week but i encountered an error: " Twitter is Over Capacity ". I tried to refresh the page but it says: "403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it." What a surprise! This maybe of the huge traffic going into the server of twitter that makes its server over-capacity. I really love to make tweets especially after posting because those who are following my gaming blog through Twitter can easily get access to my latest posts or articles.

Plants vs. Zombies Cheats | Plants vs Zombies Cheat Codes

Plants vs. Zombies is another addictive game. Some players who started playing this game were eager to finish the game the soonest possible time, that's why they resorted in using Plants vs. Zombies cheats or Plants vs Zombies cheat codes . In this post, i would like to share the cheat codes that i have known about Plants vs. Zombies.

Ways to Get Free One-way Backlinks

Striving to increase the visibility of your blog or website in search engines? One of the solutions is to increase the number of one way backlinks for your blog. One-way backlinks are links pointing directly to your blog. If you have plenty backlinks from blogs or websites with high Pagerank(PR), that will dramatically help in increasing your blog's Pagerank likewise increase your ranking in search engine results page (SERP) thereby giving you additional traffic for your blog. But the question is: How to get free one way backlinks ?

Naruto Manga 500 - The Birth of Naruto

Are you following Naruto? Here's the Naruto Manga 500 - The Birth of Naruto | Naruto Manga 500 Spoilers: Naruto was surprised on what he heard from his mom. Naruto : What? You’re the previous jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi? Kushina : But before I will tell you what happened next, you need to know that I was chosen as the second jinchuuiriki of the Kyuubi. I was brought from the Wirlpool Country to the Konoha for the sole purpose of becoming the second jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. Naruto : You mean that you’re coming from the other country and then brought to the Fire country just for that? Kushina : Fire and Wirlpool country and their villages … the Konoha and the Eddy villages have a strong alliance. That’s because the Senju clan of the Leaf Village and the Uzumaki clan of the Eddy village are far distant blood relatives. Our village, the Eddy Village was known as the village of longevity because we are blessed with long lives. Naruto, the four element seal in your stomach was

Starcraft 2 TD cheats | Starcraft 2 Tower Defense Cheats

You've probably tried Starcraft 2 TD for 20 or even 50 times but still you were not able to win or complete all levels that's why you are looking for Starcraft 2 TD cheats or Starcraft 2 Tower Defense Cheats . I've been addicted to tower defense just last year and until now and out of the experiences of playing TD games, i think my strategy would still be useful in playing Starcraft 2 Flash Tower Defense .

Starcraft 2 cheats | Starcraft 2 cheat codes for PC

StarCraft 2 Cheats Looking for Starcraft 2 cheats or Starcraft 2 cheat codes for PC ? You are in the right place right now. Starcraft 2 is a strategy game and it's very difficult to win or defeat even a single enemy if you do not know the exact strategy. So, for noobs/newbie players here's a shortcut to win a game in Starcraft 2 , try Starcraft 2 cheat and cheat code:

FrontierVille Cheats, Hacks, Exploits, Tips, Tricks

As FrontierVille invades the internet gaming world, many players are on their way out of finding FrontierVille cheats , FrontierVille hacks , FrontierVille game exploits , FrontierVille Tips and FrontierVille Tricks . Like FarmVille, this new game by Zynga has attracted millions of players around the globe. FrontierVille Cheats, Hacks, Exploits, Tips, and Tricks: There are some simple FrontierVille cheats that have become popular for this game, these are the FrontierVille Energy Cheats , and sooner the FrontierVille Gold Cheats may come into action.

Skype Plans for a Silicon Valley Expansion

Web calling service Skype just announced  that it has purchased a 90,000 square foot office in the Stanford Research Park, marking a big expansion of the company’s Silicon Valley presence. Skype’s workforce in the Bay Area is currently limited to 80 people housed in a 2,000 square foot building in the eBay office and temporary office space in Brisbane. Its technical teams are based in Estonia, Prague, and Stockholm. (For a few years, Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, who founded Skype and file-sharing service Kazaa, avoided traveling to the United States at all due to a lawsuit from the music and movie industries.) Now the company says it wants to recruit a big engineering team here.

Time's Best Blogs of 2010 | PR 6, PR 7, PR 8 | Pagerank 6, 7, 8

Time has once again picked his annual list of blogs - Time's Best Blogs of 2010 . These blogs according to Time varied from savvy to the satirical, the eye-opening to the jaw-dropping. The Full List of Time's Best Blogs of 2010 are sub-categorized into three namely: BEST BLOGS , ESSENTIAL BLOGS , and OVERRATED BLOGS . There are 25 Best Blogs , 5 Essential Blogs , and 5 Overrated Blogs for a total of 35 Best Blogs of 2010 .