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Mafa TD Queen Strategy | version 5.12

My Mafa TD Queen Strategy for version 5.12 If you have read my strategy guide for Mafa TD Queen v4.5c Clean+Ultrahard (C+UH), then you will surely finish the game in any difficulty level - HARD , EXTRA HARD , or ULTRA HARD . The strategy will work in solo or in team game. But there's a little modification of my solo strategy when it comes to a team game of 2 or more players. But the concept behind winning the game is still the same. I really enjoyed playing the game in my desktop computer and even in my gaming laptop . Now about Mafa TD Queen 5.12 strategy, i'm still on the process of finding or discovering one. I'm always gaming with this Mafa TD Queen 5.12 map but i can only manage up to level 9 or 10 if lucky. If you have found any strategy guide for Mafa TD Queen v5.12 then you can post it here. For those who haven't tried my strategy, you can try them all. UPDATE! Here's a Youtube video about Mafa TD Queen Strategy Solo (ULTRAHARD mode). Don't

Guide in Buying Best Gaming Laptop Computer

If you are fond of playing online games or LAN games, maybe it is one of your dreams to buy a new gaming laptop that will give you the ultimate gaming experience. Laptops are becoming more powerful in every new model that has been released. Your powerful laptop today may become obsolete after a year of use because new laptops are designed and released on the market. I am searching for gaming laptops on the internet because i want to have a new one. The current laptop that i was using was not designed for gaming and its battery will work only for 2 hours. But i found a website that features new laptops that has a battery life of 6 hours. If you are new with computers, then this guide will really help you in choosing the best gaming laptop the market can offer. Factors to Consider in Choosing Gaming Laptop Computer : 1. Screen Size Choosing the screen size of your laptop will depend upon the purpose why you buy a particular laptop. Avid gamers and those who wish to vie

Mafa TD queen 4.5c | Mafa TD queen v4.5c (C+UH) map Download

If you have gained insights from my Mafa TD queen strategy , you may now try playing the game using the map that i have used. But if you are not ready to play, you can view first the  replay  on the game that i have finished. The map is Mafa TD queen 4.5c Clean+Ultrahard or Mafa TD Queen v4.5c (C+UH). Mafa TD queen 4.5c map download: Mafa TD queen 4.5c_UH map Mafa TD queen 4.5c_UH2 map All Mafa TD Queen maps UPDATE! Here's a Youtube video about Mafa TD Queen Strategy Solo (ULTRAHARD mode). Don't forget to subscribe on my channel! Check it here >>>> Mafa TD Queen Solo Strategy (ULTRAHARD) Download these two maps if you want to view my solo game replay . Related Posts: Mafa TD Queen Solo Game Strategy  (Extrahard) Mafa TD Queen Solo Game Replay (Extrahard) Mafa TD Queen Ultrahard Solo Game Replay Mafa TD Queen Cheats Please leave comment on: My Life in the World of Fantasy To receive updates right into your inbox, please don't forget to sub

Blog Rolling, My Top 100

Scolex Portal is now expanding its horizon from a blog that has never been known to at least a blog that can be searched through Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. If you want to be be part of my blog roll, leave your blog URL and be part of Scolex Portal's Top 100 Blog Roll. Please do add me in your blog roll with Free Article Directory   as anchor text. By the way you can also use any of the following as anchor text: Scolex Portal Scolex blog Let's continue rolling with link exchange! Contact me! Happy blogging! MY BLOG ROLL: About Chandigarh : Chandigarh, the dream city of India's first Prime Minister JwaharLal Nehru is the best example of planned architecture and urbanization. Tricity Chandigarh is, indeed, a best residential place in North India. Abstract art A blog about different abstract arts that are worth keeping. Accessibility reviews Spotless Interactive are experts in

My Photoshop Design - Graduation Program

This is my simple Graduation Program cover design made through Adobe Photoshop - a photo-editing software. The Concept: We are living in the world of fast-pacing technologies. Graduates of today's generation must have the vision to keep paced with the evolving world. They must be well-equipped with skills, attitudes, and values necessary to compete and eventually surmount the different challenges of the present and the future times. Help me judge my students' output: Electronic Posters Designed with Adobe Photoshop CS3 To receive updates right into your inbox, please don't forget to subscribe: Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner Related Posts: Do you have what it takes to Logo Design? Wallpaper Designed in Adobe Photoshop Electronic Posters | Electronic Poster Making Coolest Comic Book Covers of All Time Electronic Poster Making My Adobe Photoshop Design - Graduation Program Logo Making Contest with Adobe Photoshop