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Want to Learn More About Adobe Photoshop?

Knowledge about Photo-Editing software is an advantage for me. I was able to enhance my pictures, make logos, make artistic images, etc. It is also helpful for me when I am assigned to make the cover of the invitation programs of our schools. If I'm going to gauge my knowledge about the software, I must rate myself at 5%. The 5% knowledge I gained about Adobe Photoshop is through my research on the internet. I searched on the net about different photoshop tutorials. I just used the Google search engine and type keywords like photoshop tutorials, photoshop tricks, and photoshop lessons. This time, I am still on the stage of exploring the different capabilities of the software. If you have known some websites about Photoshop tutorials, feel free to share it to me. You may also like: Garena Master Garena Master Hack Myx International Top 20 Top 10 Gaming Laptops of 2010 Guide in Buying Best Gaming Laptop Billboard Top 20 Billboard Top 10 Teaching Earth Science

Helping Students Gain Access to Technology

Being resourceful will help you achieve your goal. I am currently teaching computer subjects in a public school with no internet connection. It is just fine on topics like MS Office Application(Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). But when time came that I must introduce to them internet and making website through Frontpage, I found it hard to convey the information related to those topics like web browsing, making e-mail address, etc. To solve those problems, I downloaded the Homepage of the Google so that i could teach them and introduce to them the interface of a search engine like Google. Though we do not have internet connection, our computers are not safe from malware infection due to prevalent use of flash drives. So I downloaded an antivirus software that can be updated offline. Thanks to AVG( and Symantec Anti-virus( for they solve my problem. I also made my lessons in frontpage updated by searching in the internet the differen