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How to Say "Thanks" Through a Video in Facebook - Make a Video for a Friend

Say Thanks - Make a Video for a Friend is a new feature you can use in Facebook. Yes! If you are just a keen observer and you are fond of viewing posts on your timeline or your friends' timeline, you will be amazed with the Thank You video there.

At first, I though that it's another type of spam in Facebook but as I reviewed each of the Thank You video on my friends' wall, I then realized that it's cute and it's time for me to make one or more videos for my friends.

Actually it's very easy to create a Thank You video or Say Thanks through a video because the whole process has been made user-friendly by Facebook engineers.

How to Make Thank You Video in Facebook

1. Login with your Facebook account.

2. Go to this URL:

Say Thanks Facebook Video

3. Choose the recipient of the Thank You video from the friends list on the left panel.

4. Next, choose a theme for the video - Old Friends, Friends or Family. So far these three are the available themes upon the time of writing this tutorial.
Facebook Say Thanks theme

5. Choose photos or posts to be included for the video. Facebook will select 15 photos/posts but you have the option to add new photos if you don't like the photos automatically selected by Facebook.

Say Thanks Add Photos

6. The final step, click "SHARE VIDEO".

Easy isn't it? But the video is only limited to just 1 minute only.

What are you waiting for? Be the first one to create a Thank You video for your friends in Facebook.

Say "Thanks" to Facebook for it provided a tool for you to create an instant professionally designed video of gratitude.

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