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How to Download Pacquiao vs Algieri replay video

Finally! I've found a download link for Pacquiao vs Algieri fight.
How to Download Pacquiao vs Algieri video

Here I will teach you how to download Pacquiao vs Algieri replay video published in popular video sharing site - Youtube.

If you don't want the video file of the fight, just watch the replay video.

Pacquiao vs Algieri Full Replay Video

If you're not contended and wanted to play the video again and again, then download the video by following this instruction.

How to Download Pacquiao vs Algieri main event video?

1. Using your web browser ( I prefer Google Chrome for this task), go to
2. Copy this URL:
3. Paste it on the download box located in KeepVid. com
4. Wait for some minutes for the online downloader to process the video.
5. Once done. KeepVid will display video formats ready to be downloaded.
6. Choose the best format that best suit for your device.
7. Right Click then "Save As"
8. Congrats! You've finally downloaded Pacquiao vs Algieri video.

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