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Paolo Bediones Sex Video Scandal Turns News Anchor's Name into Paolo Videones

"Paolo Bediones" became a trending keyword in Twitter on Sunday, July 27, 2014 after some clips of his alleged sex video scandal has been permeated online.
Paolo Bediones Sex Video Scandal

After the keyword Paolo Bediones has been sparked through Twitter, it spreads like wild fire on other top social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.

Some Twitter users make fun out of the Paolo Bediones sex video scandal by tweeting:

  • @ZaynMiley: Hayden, Wally, Chito be like: "Welcome to the club, Paolo Bediones !"
  • @emotionalfunk04: #IWantToWatch Paolo Bediones sex scandal, please give me a link. xD
  • @asdfghjklove18_: Scandal ni Paolo Bediones ang bilis kumalat, samantalang aral ng Diyos ilang libong taon na hindi man lang napapansin. Tsk. Humanity.
  • @silentforce_ame: Already saw the vid of paolo bediones. Looks like really him. Anyway he is an adult, its ok. But he is a celeb.
One of the most popular tweets and also started to trend in social media is "Paolo Videones" or "Paolo Videoness".
  • @tkavilla: Paolo Bediones turned to Paolo VIDEOnes
Have you downloaded the alleged sex video scandal of Paolo Bediones? What can you say about it?

For those who are looking for the download link of Paolo Bediones sex scandal, sorry we cannot post it here.


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