The Strangest Pet Insurance Claims

One of the latest trends in insurance news is pet insurance. As more people delay having children, pets become the default “children” of a couple or single person. People spend billions of dollars each year on their pets, so it makes sense that they would also want to insure their investment.About
This is where pet insurance comes in. Pet insurance acts similarly to human health insurance. Pet owners can choose the desired coverage for their pets. Typical insurance plans cover both expected and unexpected health risks for cats, dogs, and other animals. Pet insurance helps cover the rising costs of vet expenses for pet owners, and helps provide peace of mind when something happens to a beloved pet. With pet insurance, pet owners do not have to choose between an expensive medical treatment for their pet or putting the animal to sleep, because insurance will help cover the cost.

While most pet insurance companies see only ordinary insurance claims, such as claims for shots, teeth pulling, and animal cancers, some pet insurance companies have covered some procedures that are quite strange and unusual.

Some of the most bizarre pet insurance claims

  • One pug owner filed an insurance claim for a dog that ingested over 100 pebbles while staying at an overnight kennel. The poor dog had to go through an expensive surgery to remove the rocks from its stomach and help the dog return to normal activity levels.
  • During a stay in the country, one pet owner’s Chihuahua was picked up by an owl. The owl soon dropped the dog, but extensive medical attention was necessary to repair the damage to the dog by the owl’s sharp claws and recovery from the high drop.
  • One insurance company received a strange claim for a cat. This cat was attracted to warm clothing straight out of the dryer. One day, the cat became more adventurous and snuck into the dryer unbeknownst to the owner. The owner added new clothes to the dryer and turned it on. A few seconds later, the yowls of the cat alerted the owner to the problem. The cat was treated for stress and burn wounds.
  • Dogs love to chew on bones, and many pet owners allow their dogs to chew on large non-splintering bones. One Spaniel was chewing on a large round bone and somehow the bone got caught on the dog’s teeth. This caused the dog to panic, so the owner could not remove the bone. In the end, the vet had to administer anesthesia to the animal before the bone could be removed by saw.

Although pets are beloved creatures, they often attempt unsafe practices that lead to expensive vet visits. With pet insurance, pet owners can have peace of mind about their pets no matter the circumstance. No matter if an animal is receiving simple routine treatments or treatment for a crazy situation like those listed above, pet insurance is an insurance trend that is here to stay.

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Guest post by Blake H., an occasional blogger, freelance consultant. When not blogging, he likes to travel and read a lot, espically about insurance news.

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