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Samsung Galaxy S3: What's the Verdict?

Over the last few months, Samsung have been setting tills and order books alight with the eagerly anticipated Galaxy S3. As the most pre-ordered gadget in UK history with over 9 million pre-orders, it’s fair to say that anticipation for what the S3 would deliver was at fever pitch.

What’s particularly interesting about the pre-orders and the amount of anticipation is that Samsung didn’t take the traditional route of announcing the phone months in advance and letting the furore rise on that basis. They actually unveiled the design a month prior to the release and launch date yet the excitement had been building for weeks leading up to this.
So how does it actually weigh up against the excitement and the anticipation:

General consensus
In general, the Galaxy S3 has been superbly received with tech insiders, industry media and customers giving four and five start reviews across the board and suggesting that this was the first Android phone which was able to hold its own against Apple and whatever they might have up their sleeves next.

The phone has certainly persuaded many of Apple’s faithful followers to ditch their iPhone and head for Samsung without waiting for news of the iPhone 5 which is imminent. Although, obviously whether they choose to head back to Apple in the coming months will remain to be seen.

Whatever the future, the one thing which cannot be denied is that due to the Samsung Galaxy S3 reviews it has flown off the shelves and has suffered very few returns compared with other phones of a similar calibre (source: 3)

User ability
One of the biggest problems with many phones and the reviews is that the phones are so complex that the reviewer cannot get a good idea of how the phone will perform under consistent use. The majority of reviewers have suggested that their reviews are based on the Samsung Galaxy S3 in its’ most basic or default status but that more of the functions could be unlocked and enjoyed had they taken the time to download any apps which could change functions such as the keyboard.

A common complaint though is that the size and the plastic case gives a very light and flimsy feel which some would find unappealing. However, it’s likely that these would be the same people who complained that the iPhone 4 was too heavy and rigid so it’s difficult to know how to please.

A further complaint (if it can be called that) is that the sheer volume of the functions and features which the phone have make it confusing to work but tech fans have answered this criticism saying that it is the volume of features which makes their discovery as much fun, whereas a more basic phone would be dull and boring to use.

In conclusion
Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S3 reviews say that it was worth the wait and is finally a phone which may usurp Apple as the undisputed King of Mobiles.
This is a guest post from William Dodd, who writes for Trusted Reviews.

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