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Kolohe Kai now becomes HiRemedy to release debut album "Super High"

Kolohe Kai has fully transformed into a new Reggae group HiRemedy and will release its debut album entitled "Super High" this coming August 2012.

HiRemedy is a local Hawaii island musical group promoting reggae type of music. It is composed of four former band members of Kolohe Kai (Noah Cronin, Warren Estencion, Luke Daddario and Kolomona Wilson-Ku) and one former member of Rebel Souljahz (Art Viloria). The band welcomes Keenan Chung, newcomer in the field of reggae music , as lead vocalist.

"Super High" features eleven original songs and is produced by Imua Garza and Brett Ortone. 'Sugar High' will be released by Go Aloha Entertainment in August 2012 to retail stores and download sites such as iTunes.

Here's the HiRemedy - 'Sugar High' album preview

If you love the music of Kolohe Kai (Ehu Girl, Cool Down, Dream Girl, First True Love, etc), you will also fall in love with what HiRemedy can offer in "Super High".

We will update this page with songs included in HiRemedy's Super High album - download links, lyrics,and music videos.

Please share if you love Reggae music.

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