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Simple Science Project Ideas for Kids

It has now become more and more clear that it is crucial to get kids involved and interested in science at an early age. Whether they grow up to be a doctor, scientist, document translation specialist or working in legal translation services, knowing the basics of science will give them a firm foundation.

Learning science at a young age is the best way to spark a desire for learning that will ensure that they view learning as an enjoyable experience rather than a chore. In order to help get your kids interested in science, here are a few brilliant science projects that you can do with them at home with a few simple ingredients!

Making a Parachute
One excellent science project that you can do with your kids is to create a parachute! All that this project requires is some string, scissors, a plastic bag, and a small toy or weight (to be dropped). Next, simply cut a square of significant size out of the bag and then cut each corner so that it is an octagon shape. Poke a small hole in each corner of the plastic octagon, through which you should feed a piece of string.

All in all, you should have eight pieces of string. Then tie each piece of string to the object that you have chosen. Finally, throw it from a high spot and watch the object (hopefully) float down to the ground! This project will not only be a blast for you and your children, but it will teach them about the physics of air resistance.

Vinegar Volcano
Another classic kids experiment is the vinegar volcano! This is guaranteed to be a big hit with your kids, as well as being highly educational. For this project you will need baking soda, vinegar, play-doh, a large container and lots and lots of paper towels.

First, you have to mold a volcano shaped mountain from play-doh. Make sure that you leave a hole at the tip of the volcano and that the hole leads to a reservoir within it. Next, put a large spoonful of the baking soda into the top of the play-doh volcano. Then, on the count of three, pour some vinegar into the top of the volcano and stand back as it erupts in an explosion of fizz!

This experiment teaches your kids chemistry as they are watching a base (baking soda) react with an acid (vinegar). This reaction creates carbonic acid which splits into water and carbon dioxide – hence all the fizzing!

Make sure to help your kids come up with their own theories and research how the experiments work and why—after all that’s what being a real scientist is about, despite whether they end up in that boring job as a document translation specialist.
This is a guest post by blogger Stephanie who blogs on everything from education to legal translation services.

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