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Inferno Codex Review - Is This a Scam or a Legit Diablo 3 Guide

I'm back into gaming mode with this Inferno Codex review just to clear some question like: "Is Inferno Codex scam or a legit Diablo 3 guide?"

What really is Inferno Codex?

Inferno Codex is a collection of different Diablo 3 guides, professionally written by professional Diablo 3 players who had actually played the game. If you would expect this guide to be in the form of e-book, you are definitely wrong because this is an online library of D3 guides and you can only access this by membership.

Here's a screenshot of its official website.
Inferno Codex review - is inferno codex scam?
As you can see, there is a link just for members. Therefore if you are going to click that link, you are prompted to input your username and password.

This guide was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the best players from the tops 10 guilds of World of Warcraft (WoW). If you are WoW players, those players who joined efforts to come up with this Diablo 3 guide are from the guilds of Ensidia, Premonition, and Exodus. Also, they already played Diablo 3 during the Beta test.

Before making this Inferno Codex review, I already purchased the guide for an amount of $37. It's a promo price because the actual price for this guide is $57.

To give you proof that I already had an access to Inferno Codex' membership area, here's another screenshot on what's inside. 

Inferno Codex review in membership area
Inferno Codex review - quest walkthrough content

For more details on what you can access if you buy Inferno Codex, here are the details inside:

  • Beginners Guides - This includes how to get started with Diablo 3, guide in picking up your class, UI and customization guide, game terminology guide, Diablo 3 followers guide, Auction House Guide (Gold and Real Money), and Crafting Guide
  • Class Guides - Barbarian, Monk, DemonHunter, Witch Doctor and Wizard
  • Quests Walkthrough - step by guide in completing the Diablo3 quests and side quests available as well as the secret rewards you can acquire in each quest. Click here for more info!
  • Boss Guides - A detailed explanation on how to kill any boss in Diablo 3 depending on what class you use.
  • Leveling Guides - leveling guides of each of the five classes
  • Power Leveling on a Budget - Cheap Gear Guide
  • Live Streaming - You can watch a live gameplay of Diablo 3
  • .... and a lot more [Please Check this guide]
Inferno Codex review- product banner

What's Missing in Inferno Codex?

Most of the features of Inferno Codex are already fine with me, but what is missing in this guide is the gold farming guide which is present in Diablo 3 Gold Secrets [Read Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Review here!]

Is Inferno Codex worth your $37 investment?

I would certainly say, YES! It's more than that. Playing a guide without a guide is like going to a new place without a map or a tour guide - you would probably lost! With the help of Inferno Codex, you can complete all the quests easily and you can achieve a Level 60 in just few days.
[Grab the special $37 dollar promo before it expires!]

Final remarks on my simple review on Inferno Codex:

Inferno Codex is not a scam, instead it is a very useful guide for all Diablo3 players in order to max out their character's level to 60. With this guide you can really save time and money. You can save time because you will no longer loiter in a particular just to find the things needed in your quest. You can save or even make money in Diablo 3 because you will know the exact strategy on how to use the Auction House in order to trade your in-game gold or items for real money.

You may also read this Inferno Codex Review for more information.


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