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10 Top Tips for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can be highly satisfying, allowing you to see new places while learning more about yourself. Committing to regular trips abroad can also enable you to learn more about new cultures, and can lead to new experiences. With air and other forms of travel making travel more affordable, it is easier to circle the world if you can afford to. However, some key tips should be followed when making any trip abroad:

Top 10 Tips for Traveling Abroad

1 - Planning and Itineraries
tips for traveling abroad
Any trip should be carefully planned out beforehand, and itineraries drawn up to make sure that you know when and where you are supposed to be, and what problems might be faced. Getting organized at any early stage, and keeping records of tickets and hotel reservations will make it easier to deal with any problems. Don’t forget to take your passport either!

2 - Insurance
Travel insurance is essential to any journey. You don’t want to be caught in a foreign country without the means to claim back on stolen items, while paying for health services abroad can be very expensive. Having a travel insurance policy in place is vital, even if it only cover basics losses and medical insurance. More comprehensive policies are also recommended for longer stays, and any backpacker trips that might include extreme sports.

3 - Communication
You want to be able to easily communicate with people back home. With Skype and smart phones, as well as Facebook and other Internet sites, it is possible to do so without worrying about calling charges. Maintaining this communication can make long trips easier to handle if traveling alone.

4 - Language and Cultural Differences
Always be aware of language and cultural differences when you are traveling. This is particularly the case in the Middle East and parts of Asia. Although there are many cosmopolitan cities like Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok and Tokyo, small differences may lead to unwanted offense. You should also research the customs of a destination in detail if you plan on settling there for a while.

5 - Budgeting
A clear budget should be drawn up before you travel. The budget should include both basic, everyday costs, as well as a reserve for any emergencies.

6 - Health
when you travel abroad, you may encounter health problems
Never assume that you won’t experience health problems while traveling. You never know what might happen, so make sure that you have the proper insurance, and that you have emergency contacts in the case of an accident. A European Health Insurance Card is also valuable to resolving any problems with hospital treatment.

7 - Emergencies
Be aware that emergencies can easily happen when you’re traveling. Have emergency contacts ready, and be aware of any legal issues that may arise if you get caught in a difficult situation.

8 - Be Aware of Dangers
Research a specific area before you travel for any unusual dangers. Check with your doctor to see if you need any injections or vaccinations, and make sure that you aren’t entering a high risk area for tourists.

9 - Driving
Being able to drive while traveling can make it easier to get from Point A to Point B, but can also be expensive, and subject to different rules over eligibility. You may have to complete an International Drivers’ License before making a journey.

10 - Handling Cash
Be careful about handling too much cash while traveling. Travelers cheques are better for storing large amounts of money, while you should always make sure that you don’t display too much cash when traveling in busy urban areas, and particularly when you are alone.

We do hope that those tips for traveling abroad will help your travel more enjoyable and safe.
Sebastian is a full-time copywriter working with Home & Travel Insurance specialists - DirectAsia.


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