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Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Planning to become an entrepreneur? You must evaluate your self first by asking this question: What are the characteristics of an Entrepreneur?

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Success in business does not only rely on your talents and skills, it also depends on having the right attitude towards it. A positive attitude is the result of certain characteristics or traits that help a person approach a business with success.

Successful entrepreneurs have a common set of characteristics that enable them to do well in business. These characteristics include the following:

1. Creativity
Because business usually involves competition, an entrepreneur is always thinking of new ways of presenting and selling his product. He uses his creativity to improve his products and services and make people patronize his business.

An entrepreneur has discipline. He is able to focus on his goals by not letting his weaknesses overcome him. His success results as much from avoiding bad work habits as it does from adopting good ones.

3. Self-Confidence
A person succeeds in business because he believes in his products and his abilities. He knows he chose the right business and is convinced he is well-equipped to engage in it.

4. Decision-Making Skills
His knowledge and experience regarding the business helps the entrepreneur make the right decision at the right time. He makes good decisions out of pure instinct as well as from careful analyses.

5. Desire for Responsibility
An entrepreneur does not choose only things that are easy to get. He aims high and is not afraid of the responsibilities that go with his high goals.

6. High Energy Level
Because of his enthusiasm about a business, an entrepreneur has the willingness and the energy to work for its success.

7. Courage
Success entails risks and challenges, and an entrepreneur is not afraid to meet these. Instead, he welcomes risks and challenges to measure his strengths.

8. Well-defined Values
An entrepreneur lives and works on a set of values that help strengthen his character. He has strong moral and work ethics that guide him in dealing with people. For these, he is respected and his business attains a good reputation.

9. Desire for Immediate Feedback
An entrepreneur listens attentively to what the consumers say about his product or service. He welcomes comments and suggestions as tools to improve his business.

10. Strong Desire to Achieve
An entrepreneur sets immediate goals to help him attain his main goal. He starts out working on these goals with a strong motivation to achieve all of them.

Different entrepreneurs have different interests and entrepreneurial styles. What they do have in common is the set of good traits that we have defined. These traits help them rise over all problems and ultimately succeed in business.


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