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Showtime Season 2 Grand Champion - Laoag City Gymnastics Group

With a breath-taking performance which captured the heart of the "madlang people" likewise the board of judges, Laoag City Gymnastics Group grabbed the title as the "Showtime Season 2 Grand Champion".

The group garnered an astounding score of 9.86 from resident judge Vice Ganda and returning guest judges like Ryan Bang, Karylle, Jhong Hilario, Richard Poon, Mickey Ferriols, and Papa Jack.

As a Grand Champion in Showtime Season 2, Laoag City Gymnastics Group took home the ever-coveted grand prize of one million pesos(P1 Million).

The high-flying and back-breaking acrobatics and choreography of the winning group showed to viewing audience a real world-class performance.

Other Showtime Season 2 Grand Finalists and their score:
  1. Lal-lo’s Blacklight Performers - 9.10
  2. Xtreme 24/7 - 9.10
  3. 89.9 Hoodz - 8.9
  4. Mama's Boys - 8.33
  5. Big Trio - 8.29
  6. Kids@Trix - 7.9
  7. Ground Zero - 7.9
  8. Zero Gravity- 7.67
  9. Speed Movers Crew - 7.43
Congratulations to Season 2 Showtime Grand Champion - the Laoag City Gymnastics Group.
How would you rate the group's performance?

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