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How to Summon 2 Spirit Bears | Dota 6.69b bug

For those who are following every newly released maps for DotA allstars especially in YouTube DoTA channels, maybe you are already aware about DotA 6.69b bug. This bug in recent DoTA map is popularly known as Lone Druid's Spirit Bear bug in DotA v6.69b. If you are an abusive player, you can summon 2 Spirit Bear which will give you 6 inventory slots, lane pushing advantage and increasing the chance to entangle an enemy player.

Dota 6.69b bug
How to summon 2 Spirit Bears in DotA 6.69b?
The trick is very easy to do. Even newbie players can abuse this bug.
  1. Pick Syllabear and summon Spirit Bear.
  2. If your item is enough, kill Roshan, pick the Aegis of Immortal using Spirit Bear.
  3. Get your bear killed in any way you like or deny it yourself.
  4. While your bear is reviving, Summon a Spirit Bear.
  5. After the Spirit Bear has revived, you now have 2 Spirit Bears.
With two Spirit Bears you have greater advantage over other players in the game.
What can you say about this bug? Let us know in the comments.

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