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GarenaMaster v26d | Garena Master v26d download

The latest version of Garena Master - Garena Master v26 d has been released by GarenaM4ST3R. This version will surely solve problems encountered on the last version of GarenaMaster hack.

Please check it here if you want to know the changelogs of Garena Master v26d.

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Garena master virus v25c | Garena master malware detected

There are some players complaining about Garena masterbeing detected by AVG antivirus to have a malware or virus detected on its .exe file. As being stressed by the maker of Garena Master, it is an open source so those who have knowledge about programming can modify its source code for improvement or maximum utilization. If you are using AVG while using Garena master hack and your antivirus detect it as malware or a virus better disable your antivirus before continue using the program. But this practice will be at user's risk since you can be infected by any virus while surfing the net. So if you disable your AV so that you can use Garena master hack, better not surf the internet just focused your game in Garena and do not try to click any link given to you in the chat room while waiting to play the game.

Is Garena master virus harmful?
As deemed by Garena, the virus or malware detected by AVG is harmless. If you do not trust the program, simply don't use it.

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Mafa TD Queen Strategy | version 5.12

My Mafa TD Queen Strategy for version 5.12

If you have read my strategy guide for Mafa TD Queen v4.5c Clean+Ultrahard (C+UH), then you will surely finish the game in any difficulty level - HARD, EXTRA HARD, or ULTRA HARD. The strategy will work in solo or in team game. But there's a little modification of my solo strategy when it comes to a team game of 2 or more players. But the concept behind winning the game is still the same.

I really enjoyed playing the game in my desktop computer and even in my gaming laptop.

Now about Mafa TD Queen 5.12 strategy, i'm still on the process of finding or discovering one. I'm always gaming with this Mafa TD Queen 5.12 map but i can only manage up to level 9 or 10 if lucky.

If you have found any strategy guide for Mafa TD Queen v5.12 then you can post it here.

For those who haven't tried my strategy, you can try them all.

Here's the list of my Mafa TD Queen Strategy:
Mafa TD Queen Solo Game Strategy
My Solo Replay (Extra Hard)
My Ul…

Download Garena exp hack

Do you have hard time leveling your account in Garena or GG client? The answer for most players, especially "slow hand" players, would be a big YES! So you are probably searching over the web to find solution on that particular problem. The question you have in your mind: How to gain more experience while playing in Garena? or Is there an exp hack in Garena? The answer for that particular query is again a big YES!

Garena master hack is the solution you are looking for. This particular software offers unlimited hacks in Garena. The most popular features of this hack are the following:

Name spoofer (Put your wanted nick in the "nick.inf")No "Full Room Dialog" ErrorUnlock "Disable Strange Message"Exact Ping ViewRoom Chat FloodingNo 5 seconds waitDo not DETECT MHDo not "lock" Warcraft MemoryNEW Auto JoinerAdmin Menu HackHide ADSLeave Room While PlayingEXP HACKMAP HACK (of course)Download Garena exp hack now! Garenamaster exp hack
Note: Use thi…

Guide in Buying Best Gaming Laptop Computer

If you are fond of playing online games or LAN games, maybe it is one of your dreams to buy a new gaming laptop that will give you the ultimate gaming experience.

Laptops are becoming more powerful in every new model that has been released. Your powerful laptop today may become obsolete after a year of use because new laptops are designed and released on the market.

I am searching for gaming laptops on the internet because i want to have a new one. The current laptop that i was using was not designed for gaming and its battery will work only for 2 hours. But i found a website that features new laptops that has a battery life of 6 hours.

If you are new with computers, then this guide will really help you in choosing the best gaming laptop the market can offer.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Gaming Laptop Computer:

1. Screen Size

Choosing the screen size of your laptop will depend upon the purpose why you buy a particular laptop. Avid gamers and those who wish to view DVD movies in their…

Heroes of Newerth map hack | HoN map hack | HoN maphack, HoN cheats

If you are playing Heroes of Newerth or HoN as of this time and you are always been an underdog in every match, chances are you might result in using HoN cheat codes or a HoN map hack. I've been playing through Garena or GG client and as per observation, many players resort in using cheats just to win in a game.

In Heroes of Newerth, one of the prominent features of the game is the anti-cheat engine. For those game hackers or cheaters, they will find hard time breaking through the HoN's anti-cheat engine. But sad to note that there are reports of players using map hacks while playing HoN.

This is a summary of the report about possible map hack from:
A couple of days ago a Maphack for HoN was released on the Edge of Nowhere forums. Posts claim that this maphack works, however it is advised to be cautious with new executables.
To all HoN players around the globe, if you experienced possible maphacks in any game you have while playing HoN please post your…

Heroes of Newerth AI | HoN AI

I heard a lot of players asking for an AI version of Heroes of Newerth(HoN) because if you are new to the game, you can experiment for heroes and their skills. Heroes of Newerth AI or HoN AI version would be great option to practice the game. But so far, as i tried playing the game, the game interface will not support any AI version of the game. HoN AI would be developed later by S2 gamers if they will find it beneficial to all players.

Heroes of Newearth | Heroes of New Earth

You landed on this page because you are searching information about DoTA-like game - Heroes of Newerth. You may have misspelled the word because you are not familiar as to the correct spelling of this new game. So you have typed Heros of Newerth, or Heroes of Newearth, or Heroes of New Earth instead of the correct one - Heroes of Newerth.

More info about HoN? You may proceed here:
Heroes of Newerth basic information

You want to have Heroes of Newerth beta keys? Proceed to:
Heroes of Newerth free beta keys

Heroes of Newerth has now shifted from Closed Beta Test (CBT) to Open Beta Test (OBT).

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Heroes of Newerth Beta Registration

Do you love playing DoTA Allstars? Then, you will surely love playing Heroes of Newerth(HoN) - a DoTA-based game. Heroes and items are simliar with DoTA but the hero names and items' name are modified but the effects or functions are the same.

If you want to participate its Beta Test period you can create your Beta Account in Heroes of Newerth Beta Site.

Currently, HoN is now in its Open Beta Test (OBT) phase.

Heroes of Newerth open beta | HoN open beta

You landed on this page because you are searching about Heroes of Newerth open beta test. Absolutely yes! S2 gamers has announced the Open Beta phase of  Defense of the Ancients (DoTA)-based based game --- Heroes of the Newerth (HoN).

Open Beta Test has started last March 31, 2010. Which means that all Closed Beta account will be reset as the Open Beta started.

According to S2, a new hero is also coming upon the implementation of the Open Beta. Along with the start of Heroes of Newerth Open Beta Test (HoN OBT), more heroes and game visual improvements will also be made possible.

Free HON Beta Keys | Free Accounts | Free HON Username and Password

Do you want to play Heroes of Newerth? If you are an avid DotA player, you will really love playing HoN or HON. But the problem is: you cannot create your account because you don't have the HoN Beta Key. Worry no more because this page will direct you where you can get your free Beta Key.

If you like to get your own HoN beta key, here's the free account with username, password and the beta key you are looking for.

Download Free HoN Beta keys, password and username:
HoN free accounts

Most of the beta keys distributed by different sites were used by different users. For the mean time, use the free account to play Heroes of Newerth.

If you are hardworking, you can try searching different websites that offer HoN beta key give away.

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Mafa TD queen 4.5c | Mafa TD queen v4.5c (C+UH) map Download

If you have gained insights from my Mafa TD queen strategy, you may now try playing the game using the map that i have used. But if you are not ready to play, you can view first the  replay on the game that i have finished. The map is Mafa TD queen 4.5c Clean+Ultrahard or Mafa TD Queen v4.5c (C+UH).

Mafa TD queen 4.5c map download:
Mafa TD queen 4.5c_UH map
Mafa TD queen 4.5c_UH2 map
All Mafa TD Queen maps

Download these two maps if you want to view my solo game replay.

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Please leave comment on: My Life in the World of Fantasy

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Dota Allstars 6.67 changelogs | Dota 6.67 change logs

You can view the complete changelogs of the latest map of Dota Allstars - Dota 6.67. Some of the changes or features are the following:

Implemented new mode for observers -zm (-zoommode). It pulls the camera outwards to see more action at the same time.Implemented the new game mode-cp (-capturepoint).

To view the complete changelogs just click... HERE.

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Dota 6.67c | Dota Allstars v6.67c map download

With the discovery of bugs and game exploits in Dota Allstars 6.67 and Dota 6.67b maps, Icefrog released a more stable map, addressing the problems of other Dota 6.67 maps. You can download Dota 6.67c map in the following links:

Dota 6.67c map is more stable compared to the previous versions of Dota 6.67 map.

Dota Allstars 6.67c map download:
Dota Allstars 6.67c map (mirror 1)
Dota 6.67c map (mirror 2)

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Dota Allstars 6.66b map download
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Dota Allstars 6.67 changelogs
Dota Allstars 6.67b map download
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Dota Allstars 6.67b 6v6 | Dota 6.67b 6versus6 map download

Here's another 6 versus 6 map of Dota Allstars - the Dota 6.67b 6v6 map. As with the previous version of Dota 6 versus 6 map, this map has 1 additional player more people on the map, more fun! Ganking and clashing would be more fun.

Dota Allstars 6.67b 6v6 map download:
Dota Allstars 6.67b 6v6 map (mirror 1)

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Dota 6.66b AI map download
Dota 6.67 map download
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Download Dota 6.67b | Dota Allstars 6.67b map download

If you enjoy Dota 6.66, then try more updates on heroes and items in this Dota 6.67b map. You can download the map in the following links:

Dota 6.67 map download:
Dota Allstars 6.67 map (mirror 1)
Dota-Allstars v6.67 map (mirror 2)

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Blog Rolling, My Top 100

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Accessibility reviews
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My Photoshop Design - Graduation Program

This is my simple Graduation Program cover design made through Adobe Photoshop - a photo-editing software.

The Concept:
We are living in the world of fast-pacing technologies. Graduates of today's generation must have the vision to keep paced with the evolving world. They must be well-equipped with skills, attitudes, and values necessary to compete and eventually surmount the different challenges of the present and the future times.

Help me judge my students' output: Electronic Posters Designed with Adobe Photoshop CS3

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